Starships Unlimited v3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Starships Unlimited v3 
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 Starships Unlimited v3 Cheats

Starships Unlimited v3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Gain Advantages over AI:
Hit the home key and enter cheats using keyboard, then hit home again, 
you should hear a cash register ding upon correct code entry.

Code      Effect
level1  - Change skill level to 1 (easiest).
level2  - Change skill level to 2.

List of all cheats for SUv3:
Submitted by: Anupam Gohain

Press Home key, then type in cheat code, then Home key again to activate cheat. 
A sound will confirm correct cheat code entry.

Results vary with your selected object for some codes. Ship or Home World.

Codes with their effects:
level1   : easiest level
level2   : slightly tough
level3   : a little more hard
level4   : hardcore
level5   : nightmare
kbeam    : killer beam artifact
pkiller  : planet killer artifact
coin     : $500 added
gen      : instant best generator artifact
computer : instant best computer artifact
drive    : instant best drive artifact 
           (works for ships only, home worlds don't move lol)
charge   : instant recharge artifact
ship     : instant starship artifact (random result from scout to cruiser) 
           (select a city or home world first)
repair   : instant repair artifact
research : instant research artifact
shields  : instant best shields artifact (a pair of shields Front and Aft for ships)
           (for home worlds = number of cities)
armor    : instant best armor
fighters : instant best fighters artifact
pop      : instant population artifact (adds 50 pop to a home world)
fold     : instant fold drive artifact
ram      : ram shields artifact
colony   : instant colony ship artifact
ishields : invincible shields artifact
advanced : advanced research artifact
combat   : 100% combat experience for selected ship
upsize   : upsizes your selected starship (select a ship before entering cheat code)
summon   : summon ancient starship (works during combat only)
special  : randomly adds other artifacts present in the game

I hope with these codes, you can be the last man/woman standing in SUv3

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