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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek - New Worlds 
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 Star Trek - New Worlds Cheats

Star Trek - New Worlds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Vasco

This is a cheat for a program such as GameCheater. These kinds of programs 
are used to search for resource values in memory. The resource values in 
Star Trek: New Worlds are stored differently in memory. 
An exact value search will fail. 
The resource values have zeros appended to the end. Some have 3 zeros and 
other have two. 

Dilithium  : value000
Polycomp   : value000
Trans Al   : value000
Thermoconc : value000
Nitrium    : value00
Duranium   : value00 

The "value" is the resource value from within the game. If the resource 
value for Dilithium was 660, then search for "660000". 

Hint: Use the 4 BYTE data type. Once one of the resource values is found the 
other should be easy to spot even if you get alot of matches. Look at the 
memory address then add or sub 4 Bytes. The resource values are stored in 
adjacented memory locations.

All Missions:
Submitted by: long john

First make a backup copy before making any changes. Open up the file 
"game.ini", which is located in the main game directory, with any text
editor. Then change the following lines:

FedLevel=1   to   FedLevel=100 
KliLevel=2   to   KliLevel=200
RomLevel=3   to   RomLevel=300 
TauLevel=4   to   TauLevel=400 
MetLevel=5   to   MetLevel=500 
HubLevel=6   to   HubLevel=600

* Keep a close eye on the action. If the voice actors are telling you that
  you are under attack, it is probably already too late. 

* Construction, particularly fast construction, is paramount (pun intended), 
  so build multiple constructors to speed things up. 

* Unit AI is twitchy. Keep a close eye on their alert status. Switch them 
  to Yellow when you're not watching, or Red when dealing with multiple 
  enemy attacks.

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