Star Wars - Yoda Stories Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Yoda Stories 
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 Star Wars - Yoda Stories Cheats

Star Wars - Yoda Stories

Cheat Codes:
Save game before you finish one story, than keep load game and
finish it again, you will get the good stuff faster such as: a
better lightsaber, the FORCE, Spirit Heart. 

In the Windows directory, there's a YODESK.INI file. Edit this
file with the notepad. After that, you can modify the following
line... "Count=" - The number of victory. 
"Hscore=" - The best score. "LScore=" - The latest score. 
"LCount=" - The number of party you loose. So, you have 
to change the number who is behind the "=" of each of these 
lines. The most interesting part is when you put over 25 point 
in victory, you get a powerful light saber, a pure heart and 
the Force at the beginning of a new adventure... 

While playing, pause the game and type: 

Force     Get force 
Object    Get objects needed for that world 
Junk      Get lots of junk 
Sabre     Get powerful lightsaber 
Blasters  All guns 
Locator   Terrain locator
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