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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Force Commander 
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 Star Wars - Force Commander Cheats

Star Wars - Force Commander

Double Unit Carriers:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When a unit carrier explodes, remove the unit at the same time 
it explodes. If you timed it right, that unit will have doubled.

Front Line Movement Trick:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

During a Skirmish battle take control of your opponent's Command 
Center. As the bomb timer begins to move, click your Reinforcement 
Screen. You'll find you can bring down anything right outside your 
opponent's front door! That includes A-I, A-A, and A-V Turrets! 
The thing is though that you can usually only bring one of each 
dropship down, so choose what turret you use wisely. 
(Note: This is only useful if you opponent has control of supply 
bunkers and has the ability to bring other command center down.)

Faster patient walking:
Click on "Release Patient" when an Imperial vehicle is being 
healed on the repair bay. It will walk away faster.

Free command points:
When you need command points find the nearest bunker, enter 
the bunker, fight any opposition.  Once you have control of 
the bunker remove troops, reenter bunker.  Your command points 
should increase even though you don't have to fight to retake 
the bunker.

Access All Missions:
In the select player screen, create a new player with 
the name "TheWorldIsYours". Double click on the name 
instead of clicking once and pressing the blue arrow. 

Spawn Units:
To spawn units without having to wait for the drop ship, 
follow these steps:

1. Up or Down arrow scroll through units to spawn.
2. LEFT arrow spawns that unit (magically drops unit with 
   a drop ship or the wait).
3. Shift UP or DOWN changes team of spawned unit.

Other Cheat Codes (can be used AFTER the "TheGalaxyIsYours" 
cheat is activated):

Code                   Result 
[SHIFT] + M            500 Command Points and Order Any Unit 
[CTRL]  + W            Win the Mission 
[CTRL]  + 8            Show Active Units 
[CTRL]  + [SHIFT] + 8  Show All Units 
[CTRL]  + 9            Remove Fog of War 
NumLock + [*]          (on keypad) 999999 Life for Unit 

Pod Racer Appearance:
Complete the second objective in the third training mission 
(destroy the buildings at the Jawa camp) and two pod racers 
will start racing around. 

Destroy Enemy Units:
When in "[CTRL] + 0" mode, click on an enemy unit and press 
delete... the unit is destroyed just like your own units are 
when you press delete

Play through the opening tutorial more than once
just so you can memorize the Byzantine camera system. 

Never send a mission-important character into a building 
alone! Always gang up (use three or more) when possible. 

Take experienced units out of the battle if they're about 
to die. House them or heal them out of harm's way. 
There's no sense losing a great fighter. 

Use the Waypoint system (Shift-right click) to make sure 
your troops travel the route you want them too. 
Also, set their aggression level appropriately. 

Because Command Points carry over from mission to mission, 
don't spend any if victory is in sight. 

Submitted by: Jens Lohse

Level select:
Note: the v1.1 patch is required for this code. Start a new game and enter 
TheWorldIsYours as a case-sensitive name in the New Player slot. Note: When 
choosing your new player you must double click on the name, and not click 
on the blue arrow. 

Spawn units:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. After double clicking on the name in the player 
selection screen, proceed to either campaign or skirmish mode. After starting 
the game, press [Keypad 0]. Text similar to "0:Stormtrooper" will appear. All 
available units, whether they were playable or non-playable, will be unlocked.
Press [Cursor Up] or [Cursor Down] to scroll through the list. 
Press [Cursor Left] to select the unit you wish to use. The chosen unit will 
appear on screen at your pointer location. This option overrides the amount of 
units you can have on the field. Therefore, you can have more than 60 units on 
the field at once. Also, you can place units anywhere on the field -- they do 
not have to start out near a standard or mobile base. However, not all units 
work properly. For example, Darth Vader does not attack enemies. You can only 
use his secondary ability to kill a victim - however, he can be put in a bunker 
or base to protect it. Also, if you use air units this way, even though you 
have them selected, during game play they may fly off and disappear. 
Other actions that can be done to spawned units include pressing [Shift] + 
[Cursor Up] or [Shift] + [Cursor Down] to change the team of the spawned unit. 
Press [Delete] to destroy the highlighted unit. 

Double unit:
If a unit carrier gets destroyed, remove the unit at the same time it explodes. 
If done correctly, that unit will be doubled.

Desert Spire: Easy skirmish victory: 
Enable the "Spawn units without drop ship" code to get over a hundred mobile 
artillery units. Deploy them all. If anyone approaches the spire to sneak up 
on you, they will bombard them and cannot be attacked.

Faster patient walking:
Click on "Release Patient" when an Imperial vehicle is being healed on the 
repair bay. It will walk away faster. 

Hitting air units from the ground: 
Ground units cannot normally hit air units. However, an AT-AT's chin gun 
can hit an enemy air unit. 

Attacking with AT-ATs:
If you are planning to attack with AT-ATs get two AT-AAs for each walker, 
then hold [Ctrl] and right click to have them follow the AT-AT. 
If any speeders want to use a tow cable, the anti-air will take them out.

Pod Racer appearance:
Complete the second objective in the third training mission (destroy the 
buildings at the Jawa camp) and two pod racers will start racing around.

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