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  Hints and Tips for: Steel Panthers 
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 Steel Panthers Cheats

Steel Panthers

Cheat Codes:
I was fooling around with Steel Panthers save and scenario files, 
trying, without complete success, to convert a campaign scenario 
into a normal scenario.

I want to play the other side, to see how I would do against my 
'own' core units, after playing the battle the normal way.

Has anyone been able to do this?

The one hurdle I can't get  passed is allowing a human to play the
'computer' side.  It alwaysgives me the 'you can't do that in 
campaigns' error message on starting a converted save game when I
try to switch between computer and human on the 'side 2' startup 

I found that you can just copy any save game over to the scenario
directory, and it becomes a scenario without any editing!  You can
bring it up in the scenario editor and fool with it, save it again,
and all appears to work.  (Except that darn 'campaign mode' flag.)

Using the editor, only saving the map and creating a new scenario 
with that map allowed me to play either side, but all units are 
lost. I really don't feel like manually writing down both sides 
units and positions to rebuild the scenario just to play the reverse.

So I worked on the file at the byte level using UGE (Universal Game
Editor) to compare and fiddle the binary files.  Here's what I'm 
sure of, after about 6 hours of work:
(Offset 0 is the first byte of the file)

Offset Certain Meaning

37513  Month (1=Jan,2=Feb,...12=Dec)
37514  Year (last two digits, 44=1944)
37515  Weather (0=Desert, 1=Summer, 2=Winter)
37524  Scenario Length (number of turns, 0=Infinite)

37526  Flag 0  X Coordinate (0,0 is top left)
37546  Flag 20 X Coord (x is

37547  Flag 0  Y Coord
37567  Flag 20 Y Coord

37568  Flag 0  Value (0=no value)
37588  Flag 20 Value

37589  Flag 0  Owner (0=Side1?, 1=Side2?)
37609  Flag 20 Owner

37626  Scenario Location (city/area name)

37612  Visibility (range in hexes)

These are wild guesses:

Offset Range  Meaning

    0:3757    Side 1 Leader Names
 3758:7501    Side 2 Leader Names
13510:15009   Side 1 Units
15010:16500   Side 2 Units

37646:53644   Some sort of table(s) that have an unstable sort
               such that editing and saving a scenario without
               doing a single thing will result in different values!
               VERY IRRITATING!  123 changes to 119 then back to 123
               on successive saves. (123 >122 >123 also)

53645:510197  The MAP!

I think the campaign switches are here, but I'll
be darned if I can find the 'off' flag!  I've
tryed about 15 combos without success.
(The sample values in parens are from campaign
scenarios, the ones after are from normal scenarios.)
(NOPE, means I switched values from campaign >reg
without success in playing side 2 as human.)

Offset  (Campaign)Samples  Meaning?
37511   (2,2,1,2),2,2
   12   (4,2,4,75),90,9
   13                      Proven Month
   14                      Proven Year
   15                      Proven Weather
   16   (1,1,1,1),0,0      NOPE
   17   (3,1,3,5),3,3
   18   (0,0,0,0),0,0
   19   (12,12,10,10),7,7  NOPE
   20   (2,2,3,3),2,1
   21   (1,1,2,2),0,1
   22   (1,1,1,3),1,1
   23   (2,2,2,0),2,1
   24                      Proven Turn Length
   25   (0,0,0,0),0,0
(flag 0 20 sections)

37612                      Proven Visiblity Range
   13   (0,3,2,0),0        NOPE
   14   (72,82,114,178),0  NOPE Remaining Core Buy Points?
   15   (5,4,3,4),0        NOPE Scenario in Campaign?
   16   (0,0,0,0),0
   17   (0,0,0,0),0
   18   (1,2,2,2),0        NOPE
   19   (0,0,0,0),0
   20   (0,0,0,254),0
   21   (0,0,0,255),0
   22   (2,1,2,0),0        NOPE
   23   (2,1,2,6),0        NOPE
   24   (1,0,1,1),0        NOPE
   25   (1,1,2,4),0        NOPE
   26..                    Proven Location Name

(Some sort of table with number pairs follows).

I've exhausted all ideas and can't see any other usefull parts of the
scen file to fiddle with, either the numbers aren't consistent between
campaign and non campaign, or it just seems like unrelated table data.

Oddly I never got a hard crash after byte fiddling, but sometimes the 
unit types/sides got mixed up.
Anyone with any ideas???

Powerful force:
Go to the preferences screen and set your side to 250% on the percentage 
bars along the right side of the screen. This will make artillery, armor,
and Infantry much more powerful. It will also make them harder to be 
destroyed. Set the enemy to 30% and you will be able to decimate the enemy. 

Powerful tank:
If you have the OOB editor, create a tank and put all armor plates to 255 
and the angle to 125. This will make you new tank much harder to hit, and 
make it withstand a lot more hits than normal armor.

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