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 Street Fighter X Tekken Cheats

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken Unlockables:
Submitted by: MMaziD07

Character Titles:
You can unlock titles that can be used to customise your battle profile by clearing
Arcade Mode and by clearing each character's specific trials.

Unlockable                                  How to Unlock
Clear 1 trial with the character-Silver     - Character Title #1
Clear 1 trial with the character-Silver     - Character Title #2
Clear 3 trials with the character-Silver    - Character Title #3
Clear 3 trials with the character-Silver    - Character Title #4
Clear 5 trials with the character-Silver    - Character Title #5
Clear 5 trials with the character-Silver    - Character Title #6
Clear all 20 trials with the character-Blue - Character Title #1
Clear all 20 trials with the character-Blue - Character Title #2
Clear Arcade Mode with the character-Red    - Character Title
Clear Arcade Mode on the Hardest difficulty with the character-Gold Character Title.

Street Fighter X Tekken Achievements:
Submitted by: MMaziD07

Achievement                                 How to Unlock
Obtain 300 Titles                         - Title Idol (50).
Connect with 500 Special Moves            - A Very Special Gift (10).
Connect with 500 EX Special Moves         - Blink Of An Eye (10).
Connect with 500 Launchers                - Time For Some Fireworks! (10).
Activate Cross Assault 500 times          - Anything Goes (10).
Activate Pandora 500 times                - An Unknown Power (10).
Connect with 500 Super Arts               - The Trump Card (10).
Connect with 500 Cross Arts               - Two Minds, Fighting As One (10).
Connect with 100 Quick Combos             - Maelstrom Of Combos (10).
Activate your Assist Gems 100 times       - A Glimmering Light (10).
Activate your Boost Gems 100 times        - Let's Heat Things Up! (10).
Finish a round with Pandora 300 times     - Power Consumes All (30).
Finish a round with a Super Art 300 times - A Splendid Conclusion (30).
Finish a round with a Cross Art 300 times - The Cross Revolution (30).
Win a round without getting hit 100 times - A Perfect Victory! (50).
Defeat 5 rival teams                      - Trail Of Ruined Dreams (20).
Defeat all of the bosses                  - The Root Of Chaos (30).
Clear one trial in Trial mode             - Just The Beginning (10).
Clear ten trials in Trial mode            - Trial Expert (20).
Clear 300 trials in Trial mode            - The Excellence of Execution (30).
Clear one lesson in the Tutorial          - My Big First Step (10).
Clear all of the lessons in the Tutorial  - Maturity Through Discipline (10).
Clear one mission in Mission mode         - The First Mission (10).
Clear all of the missions in Mission mode - Mission Specialist (30).
Go into Training mode 10 times            - Fruits of Labor (10).
Customize a Gem Unit                      - The Stones Guide Me (10).
Customize a character's color             - Doused In My Color! (10).
Customize your player Title               - This Is How I Roll (10).
Customize your player comment             - Here's My Shoutout (10).
Fight 50 matches over Xbox LIVE           - The Warrior's Road (10)
Fight 100 matches over Xbox LIVE          - The Crossroads of Tragedy (20).
Fight 300 matches over Xbox LIVE          - The Harsh Road (30).
Fight 500 matches over Xbox LIVE          - The Endless Road (50).
Win 5 matches over Xbox LIVE              - Learn The Fundamentals (10).
Win 10 matches over Xbox LIVE             - Forge Your Own Path (20).
Win 50 matches over Xbox LIVE             - Transcend All You Know (30).
Win 100 matches over Xbox LIVE            - Your Legend Will Never Die (50).
Win in a Ranked Match                     - One Down! (10).
Get to C rank for the first time          - Proof Of Your Victory (50).
Win a match in Endless Battle             - The Battle Never Ends (10).
Create 10 lobbies in Endless Battle       - Head Of The Dojo (20).
View 50 replays in the Replay Channel     - Observer (30).
Have your replay downloaded 20 times      - Evangelist Of The "X" (30).
Use a character in battle over 300 times  - Love Is Blind (30).
Use Arcade Fight Request 30 times         - Any Time, Any Place! (10).
Access the Store                          - It's Just For Research! (10).
Unlock all Achievements                   - Zenith (0).

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