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  Hints and Tips for: Stronghold 
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 Stronghold Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Press [Alt] + [Shift] + A at the main screen to enable cheat mode. Then, repeatedly
press one of the following codes during game play to activate the cheat function.

Result                             Code 
Increase unit level                [Alt] + L  
Hit all enemies on screen          [Alt] + Y  
Kill single enemy                  [Alt] + Z  
Change enemy building 1 on square  [Alt] + B  
Change enemy building 10 on square [Alt] + F  
Change the character               [Alt] + C  
Destroy enemy fortress             [Alt] + K  
Character increases level          [Alt] + P  
Destroy main stronghold            [Alt] + G  
Change time of year                [Alt] + S  
Quit game                          [Alt] + M
100 popularity and 1000 more gold  [Alt] + X
Debug mode                         [Alt] + D
Faster game play                   [Alt] + Q

Endless Stones/Cows for Siege Equipment:
Highlight the now empty equipment. You'll see 3 green arrows fanning outwards,
indicating you want your engineers to leave it. Click on it to do so, and 
they'll now be free for other tasks. You can let the equipment stay to draw 
any fire off your troops, or decommission it to clear the way. Just make sure 
you command your engineers to leave it first, or else you'll lose them! The 
engineers are key, so be sure to move them to a safe location. **NOTE** -- 
You can also use this option for mobile shields, battering rams, or any 
other equipment you don't think you'll be using to free up additional engineers. 

Select a "cannon fodder" troop, such as a spearman. Creep him towards the 
opposing castle's walls to check the range of any defending weapons. Once 
this range is found, post one of these troops there as a "marker" for the 
next step. 
Have only one engineer begin building a trebuchet or catapult *just behind* 
the marker troop. You want only one in case the larger object (the equipment) 
triggers a volley of enemy fire -- that way you'd lose only one. 
Once completed, let loose! You'll notice you now have 20 stone and at least 
2 cows for the new equipment. When it's "gone dry", reassign those engineers 
to build a new piece, and you'll again have 20 stone and 2 cows. 

Repeat as necessary, from all possible angles. Using this technique, it's 
possible to destroy a castle from right around an enemy, and a good many of 
the bad guys as well. Then you only need to send in your remaining troops to 
"mop up". 

Destroying the Enemy Quickly:
In order to destroy your enemy, place as many Archers as you can on the wall 
facing the sign post. A small number of Archers can take out a reasonable 
size army.

Free construction:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "game_data.txt" 
file in the game folder. Change all the numbers to "0".

Last level:
If you are having trouble completing the last level, the last fight with wolf, 
because you cannot get past his defense, take about ten archers and kill all of 
his archers from a distance. It might take a while to do this, but at least you 
will have more men to fight with. Note: Look out for the long range ballistas. 
Another way is to kill all archers is from one side, the take the tower and let 
all of our mace men kill the archers remaining. Note: After killing the second 
gate house, a fire pit will appear and will kill all men that are there. 
Another location is around Wolf's keep. Do not send all of your men at once 
because they will die by fire.

Instant transportation of goods: 
Isolate the stockpile, granary, and armory by surrounding them with a wooden 
fence, or by placing them in a non accessible area (on top of cliffs, etc.). 
All goods will be transported instantly to each of them. Note: Granary and 
armory must have at least one open space to each section as a delivery port 
or they will only fill up once. If the granary can not be isolated, surround 
farms and bakers with wooden fence for instant transport of food to the granary. 
If the armory can not be isolated, surround arms buildings with wooden fence 
for instant transport of weapons to the armory.

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