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  Hints and Tips for: Sub Rosa 
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 Sub Rosa Cheats

Sub Rosa

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Slave Trade Guide:
Written by Mooklyn

A guide to kidnapping pricing and selling another players in Sub Rosa.

First things first. If you want to sell a man you need to kidnap a man 
so please fallow this guide to kidnap a slave.First find a civie with no 
weapons. Its best to kidnap a civie if you try to kidnap a hired man then 
only his company will buy him and you might not survive. But if you kidnap
a unarmed civie then they will have nothing to defend themselfs with and 
no company will kill you for revenge either. There are 2 ways to kidnap a 
civie first one is go up to them with a gun and yell "get in the f*cking 
car". And the other option offer them a job and then when you're at base 
force them to sit in the corner.

-=Slave Keeping and Pricing=-
If you fallowed the first section then congrats you just kidnapped a man 
and now you need to get selling but first figure out the slaves worth. 
To help you understand how much a slave is worth heres a list of traist 
that lowers or highers the slaves worth

Has voice chat +$500 worth 
Acts polite to owners or kidnappers +$2000 worth 
Speaks english +$1000 worth
Is brazilian -$100 worth 
Obeys owners most of the time +$2000 worth 
Has full health +$300 worth 
Doesnt speak english -$4000 worth
Trys to escape -$500 worth 
Is a civie +$1000 worth 
Is a employee -$1000 worth 

Doesnt shoot owners or kidnappers when given weapons + $5000 keeping a 
slave is very easy just keep a eye on them and keep your weapons are you 
its best not to arm your slave.

And last of all you're ready to sell your new found slave if you added up 
his worth on the last section then simply sell them at that worth. If you're 
feeling luckey then add about $1000 to the price tag. Call up your fellow 
companys and offer them a slave. You can also driave around with the slave
and try to sell him on the streets but thats a little bit harder. 
If you fallowed this guide right then congrats on the sell have a nice day 
and happy slavetrading.
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