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  Hints and Tips for: Subspace 
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 Subspace Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Take the terrier (harrier whatever) and equip your best bullets and
your rockets. Pick up a lot of speed and then hit your rockets, fly
into the crowd and start shooting. 
They should all start running, pick one and chase him. 

Either followed or lead an enemy into a tight area, such as the maze
in Chaos Nevada, and then hit you of your burst, if you have bouncing
bullets and he's in the same corridor he should be heavily wounded or

If you see enemies in the safe zone, just leave bout 3 mines outside
and leave, the second they step out, they die. 

Say you're being chased and you deploy a decoy, first thing to do, 
don't shoot, next turn your ship around the second you deploy the 
decoy and head straight towards your enemy, he will assume you are
going straight and the decoy is going in the opposite direction 
(stupid people do do this), equip your bomb, and you will have a
perfect shot because he will try to go thru you thinking you are a
decoy. Once you are ready and he is close enough, fire 2 of your 
most powerful bombs at him and open up with your guns. 
You ought to kill him.
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