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  Hints and Tips for: Super Life (RPG) 
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 Super Life (RPG) Cheats

Super Life (RPG)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Oregano and Golden Egg / Ticket Guide:
Written by riotofblood

This guide exlains how to get Oregano, Golden Egg and Ticket in this game.

-=Oregano Guide=-
On day 420 go to Smallgreens and buy at least 4 Oregano costs $50 each. 
Give them to Papa Jay who is behind the house on the very bottom left of 
the map which you open up by giving the owner a pineapple which you can get
by buying the house on the bottom right (cheap house) and passing between 
the gap on the south side of the house. Then follow the path north and you 
should find the pineapple near northeast corner of area 2 (which is the 
designation for the area for the park).

-=Golden Egg=-
* Buy small house(southeast side of park or otherwise known as area 2).
* Get Pineapple. Pass between the gap on the south side of the house to the 
  east then follow the path north and you should see a cooler take the 
  pineapple from within.
* Buy big house(southwest side of park).
* Give pineapple to guy in the southwest house of the street.
* Go to back of the house and buy the $5 million(developer may change price) 
  house from Papa Joe.

-=Get the 3 keys=-
Bronze key is in the maze in area 1 or Downtown. Entrance is between the 
tree where you get Margaretís (Old ladyís) cat Boliver, and Slimmy Sams. 
Follow the maze through until you get to the chest at the end.

Silver key is given by the Lich which only can be accessed after you get 
the bronze key. Also, you need to have scored at least 25k in the Space 
Blaster game and have received the Pizza King T-Shirt. So once you have 
that stuff then in the park go the northwest manhole cover and press E 
a time or 2, then southeast manhole cover, then northeast manhole cover,
then finally southwest manhole cover to make the Lich appear and then 
heíll give the Silver key.

Gold key is given by Roger the alien. You need to have a Time Potion and 
during the 1am hour go the bridge in area 3 or near CostGo then follow the
bridge north to the gas station and there should be a blue sparkly on the 
ground walk over it, and then proceed to north of the CostGo building and 
there should be another one. Walk perfectly east from this 2nd one so you 
can easily hit the 3rd and 4th one. The 4th one should be on the northeast 
side of the CostGo building. Then go south to under the Philo overhang to 
get the 5th one. Then behind 23 hour fitness for the 6th one then go south
to the college entrance for the 7th one then on the east side of the Medical
building for the 8th one then the south side of Pizza King for the 9th one 
then go around the west side of the Medical building and go to the entrance
to the Arena for the 10th one and then go to the soccer ball in the middle 
of the Arena to talk to Roger who will give you the Gold key.

-=Make sure to have found all 3 pages for Ellie=-
* You get for doing Chadís stuff. (Frat boy at north end of campus).
* You get from trash bins on southwest side of Arena.
* You get for breaking the rock (with a Str Potion) on the south side 
  of Taco Box Cantina and then following the path to pick it up.

* After all this talk to Ellie again and she should hand you the Spellbook, 
  which you need to break a barrier later.
* At 12am or last hour of day go to Papaís Mansion and go to the Den and 
  unlock and then enter the wardrobe.
* Maze 1 (Magical Forest) Talk to Mr. Goat Man and quickly buy 1 of each 
  potion that he carries unless you already have them. (XP Potion, Int Potion, 
  Str Potion, Time Potion each costs 100 Klick coins I think)
* Then you need to figure out the maze in under the time limit and will 
  eventually need to be good enough to do the maze in about 55 secs after 
  you get the Energy Potion/Infinity Potion. Once you make it to the end it 
  will transport you the the next area. Also, you can enter the wardrobe 
  only once per day.
* Maze 2 (Frost Haven) Quickly talk to the Ice Queen and give her a Rose
  (if you need a Rose you can dig one up in the west graveyard of this 
  area) she then gives you Speed 6 shoes which youíll need to help beat
  the clock.
* Then you need to figure out the maze in under the time limit and will 
  need to later be good enough to beat it in under 55 secs. Once you make
  it to the end it will transport you the the next area.
* Maze 3 (Dragon Castle) Quickly talk to Crazyblobb who gives you another 
* Please practice all 3 mazes until you can clear them in about 55 secs. 
  (WARNING after you pick up the Energy Potion your new time limit will 
  be 60 secs instead of 90 secs.)
* Now make your way through this maze and go to the northwest corner and 
  pass through the trees that would usually block your path and get to the 
  well which will give you the Energy Potion.
* Then let your time run out and get back to Maze 3 on a new day and with 1 
  of every Potion (XP, Int, Str, Time, Energy) press E on the fountain when 
  you enter. This should give you the Infinity Potion which will allow you 
  to enter the Dragon Castle at the end of Maze 3.
* Then just make it to the end within the Time Limit and you will be 
  granted the Golden Egg and Golden Ticket by the developer Austin.

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