Super Collapse 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Super Collapse 3 
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 Super Collapse 3 Cheats

Super Collapse 3

Locations for the extra coins:
Feldging Fields   - Light green tree by path of store.
Isthmus Oasis     - Middle Of Palm Tree.
Aqua Land         - Light BLue Star FIsh By Rock.
Popping Peaks     - Small light green rock by strategy puzzle next to a tree.
Freezing Forrest  - Inside Opening of igloo.
Elevavted Ehter   - cloud thats like invisible to the right of the casino.
Blasted Blockades - inside empty hole with the yellow and black striped edges.
Lava Leaves       - Lava hole between black puzzle and casino.
Pastorial Fields  - Bottom right corner screen top sunflower (bundle of 2) to
                    the left directly under middle puzzle.
Castle Collapse   - Top Screen up on wall the individual green diamond on the wall.

Hidden Location:
In quest mode, there is at least 1 hidden location in each area that contains
coins. For example, in fledgling fields, the secret spot is a light green tree
right by the path of the store in that level and in isthmus oasis right in the
middle of a palm tree right by the oasis and all the puzzle levels to your 
right when you enter isthmus oasis holds the coins. 

Cloud land:
In quest mode, there is at least 1 hidden location in each area that contains
coins. For example, in cloud land, the location is a nearly invisible cloud 
and in water land 1 starfish holds the coins.

Last stage:
The last stage has 480 lines. It also switches between Classic mode, Slider mode,
and Relapse mode. You can use all of the original power-ups as you could in all
of the other modes (besides the Puzzle Revealer). It goes in the following order:
Classic until 440, Slider until 400, Relapse until 360, back to Classic until 320,
back to Slider until 280, back to Relapse until 240, back to Classic again until 
200, back to Slider again until 160, back to Classic until 120, back to Slider 
until 80, back to Relapse, Classic until 40, then the last Slider until 0. 

Help with game:
Super collapse if you press the space bar it allows the squares to scroll up 
faster allowing more points.

Cheats For Action Replay:
-Infinite Coins
12098bd8 0000270f

-Press SELECT for 0 Lines Left
62095988 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
b2095988 00000000
10001860 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Unlock Level:
Submitted by: Gerson

To Unlock level You Need To Reach Blasted Blockade
Play "Bomb Shaker Baby" Destroy Grey Blocker To Get coin
Unlock The Levels By coin.

Easy points:
Press [Space] to allow the squares to scroll up faster, allowing for more points.

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