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  Hints and Tips for: Super Marine 
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 Super Marine Cheats

Super Marine

Web Browser Game Hints:
Submitted by: David K.

Get gladiator helm as soon as possible. Then pass the next 10 waves to get 
cash. Then get the best stuff u can. As u go on it gets EASIER. when u have
all the stuff in the last row of armor, get the best wepon (plasma thin) and
wen u can get the rocket, and other guns. You should be about invincible (as
u can take about 10 damage from those blue fire bird things and 50 dmg from
the cannons).

Go to the regeneration platform. You should get 2x fast energy and lots of 

* Kill all enimies and destroy the enimy bases. 
* Kill the last building and win.

Get the green laser as soon as possible and the the gladiator mask. After that
advance through the lasers. after you have the lasers focus on the armor and 
protctive gear.

Submitted by: keegan

First of all, NEVER buy the other three weapons. They suck. First, just buy the
four armor upgrades. Then, purchase the generator that makes you heal faster. 
Whatever you do, DON'T BUY THE ENERGY INCREASING UPGRADE! It's useless if you 
don't buy any other guns. Instead, just buy the power upgrades. If you get all
the armor and power upgrades, you'll take almost no damage from enemies, and can
kill most enemies in a matter of seconds. 
Also, if you want a little more insurance, you can buy and upgrade your turrets. 
Finally, Assault the base when you have backup. they'll some fire away from you. 
Then just kill the turrets, the two smaller buildings, and finally, the enemy HQ. 
And you've won!

Hint Avoiding damage:
Submitted by: Emmanuel

Move diagonally around e aliens that can shoot you in the opposite direction of
their fire. Imagine a diamond around them with them being in the centre and move
in that shape. They will miss you completely.

Infinite Gold:
Submitted by: Y.K

First, click the box that is next to the sign that says "Wave". And then type in
any letters, and if you click back, you can see the sign of the gold at the bottom 
part is +NaN. After that, if you kill one opponent and get gold, the gold changes 
into infinite Gold.

Full health:
Submitted by: linas

When your health max is 2000 and u are on the healing platform first time u only get 
1999.To avoid this get 1999 health,get damaged and stand on platform again

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