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  Hints and Tips for: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization 
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 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Cheats

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Abyss of the Shrine Maiden Walkthrough:
Written by Cakku

Walkthrough and directions for the post game story Abyss of the Shrine Maiden. 
Are you lost in the post game story as the game doesn't give explicit directions 
anymore? This guide will help you find your way! 

I'm writing this guide for the Abyss of the Shrine Maiden as I think many, if not 
most players will have trouble as the game stops giving you clear directions for 
your objectives in these later areas. I'm not writing about every map, as I think 
most of you got used to progressing through them from the maingame. Instead I will 
be writing down instructions and specific directions for every point the game 
blocks your path forward.

-=Difficulty Level=-
Before starting with the walkthrough I want to address the difficulty of these 
additional areas. If you are having trouble with the sudden jump in monster 
difficulty in the Vulcanus Citadel, I have a few tips and recommendations below 
that should allow for easier progress.

-=Damage Output=-
The most simple and effective way to boost your characters damage at the beginning 
of the post game story is to unlock the skill fusion system. As you start the 
chapter 1 of AotSM you will have access to first tier, lvl3 skill fusion which will 
provide you passive +500 atk buff along with few other bonuses.

For unlocking the skill fusion you will first want to make 2 man party with character 
of your choice, then find your party member in town and interact with them to "take 
them for a walk". When you have your partner in tow, go find Argo in the town to 
talk with her and you should get a quick rundown on the SF system. 
Now you can interact with Argo and pick skill fusion, start quest, attacker. 
Afterwards interact with your partner and pick skill fusion to see the requirements 
and progress of the quest.

With the attacker skill fusion you should have enough atk stats to comfortably kill 
the story enemies, once you reach chapter 2 you should visit Argo again and repeat 
the process to unlock the next step level 4 buff.

Depending on how fast you blazed through the maingame this may be a huge problem. 
FIrst of all there's couple buff skills you absolutely should have at this point, 
Brave Soul (maxHP +50%!) and Defensive Stance (Huge HP regen).

Then if you have around 50k unbuffed HP you will be able to withstand several hits 
from the minibosses and allow for pretty smooth progress.

As the really good HP boosting equipments are available only after you advance to 
the later areas in Vulcanus citadel, I recommend you wear the "green" quality armors 
you got from Stalwatos Ruins events, if you want you can repeat some of the duels 
to get better stats on the pieces.

In the Seldona Laboratory the northern blue chest can drop accessory piece with 
about 50Vit and once you gain access to the southern part the chest in there has 
both boots and necklace with little HP bonuses. Once you reach Asham Extractor you 
can get some really powerfull HP boosting chest piece and boots from the chests 
there, if you made it here you won't have to fear death anymore.

Before you have access to the better gear from Vulcanus Citadel you may have to 
resort to the other way of increasing your Max HP, that is leveling up. If you are 
still below lvl50 I highly recommend you level up to 60 atleast, you will see big HP 
gains after a breakpoint at 50. Safe way to level up is to chain kill monster in the 
previous Stalwatos Ruins area and later move to Vulcanus citadel so you can get some 
loot from blue chests at the same time.

Now for the actual walkthrough.

-=Chapter 1 - The Vulcanus Citadel=-
Run through the first area as you see fit. Once you reach locked gate in Seldona 
Laboratory, backtrack to the large graveyard in western part of the same map. 
Look on northern side of the graveyard for Aldano's gravestone (bossfight). Enter 
Blazerock Fortress to the south and interact with the stone tablet marked with (!) 
for your next objective.

-=1st Key=-
Enter the Bardette City from Seldona Laboratory. In the Northern part of the map 
look for a well in the middle of ruined buildings, it has a white lantern to mark 
the spot(boss fight).

-=2nd Key=-
Look for a green spirit NPC in the southern most part of Seldona Laboratory, after 
obtaining a quest item run back north and look for marked grave on the right side 
of the road. It's placed in the area with 2 gates and you will encounter easy fight.

-=3rd Key=-
From Seldona Laboratory entrance backtrack into Magmatite Research site. Look for 
a ruined building nearby, where the green treasure chest is on the map(boss fight). 
Afterwards teleport to this area's entrance and look on the left hand side while 
following the road for a quest marker (?).

-=4th Key=-
Enter the Blazerock Outer Wall from Bardette City. First time in the area you will 
have to do some running around for events and to open they way forward. First follow 
the path south until you encounter locked gate.

Then run to the north eastern room with 3 sword NMs, there should be short event so 
check the northern wall just left from the entrance for hidden room and another 
event. Also pull the nearby lever while you are at it, just ignore the lvl 150+ NM 
guarding the red chest.

Follow the path around to the south east room with a yellow marker in it. Talk to 
the NPC and grab the warehouse key from behind it.

Run to the northern part of the map and follow the path that leads south from the 
entrance to a seemingly empty area, look in the left side room for the 4th and 
last key.

Now while you are still in the area you can choose to unlock the path to the next 
map in this area. Make your way back to the middle section of the map and enter 
the locked room to east with you warehouse key. There you will find lever guarded 
by a NM monster which will unlock the gate from the southern exit. Also in the 
other corner of the room you will find a key item [Mining Explosives], this will 
be Required to progress later on.

-=Blazerock Fortress & Extractors=-
After you obtained the keys and unlocked the teleporter in Kikoth Excavation it's 
time to head back to Blazerock Fortress and unlock the way forward.
In Blazerock Fortress pull the two levers near entrance and run to the north east 
exit. Progress through the next area into Asham Extractor to receive your next 
objective from a nearby tablet and bookselves.

-=1st extractor=-
Run to the northern part of the Asham Extractor map, look in one of the buildings.

-=2nd extractor=-
Warp to Kikoth Excavation unlocked after BLazerock outer wall. Follow the west side 
of the map and loo for a cave you can open with the [Mining Explosives].

-=3rd extractor=-
Go back to Blazerock Fortress, make your way to the northern lever and operate it. 
Now take the southern exit to the Clastdale Caves and check the door in the southern 
part. Go back to Blazerock fortress again, check the room west from the middle of 
the map for a key item [Lake Key], no need to kill the bosses in the area. 
Go back to the Lake for the last extractor.

-=Acropovale Ruins=-
In Acropovale Ruins numbering the levers from top down and left to right. To unlock 
the way forward ignore levers 1-3 and run to the lever no. 4. Pull the lever No. 4 
and backtrack to the lever No. 1 and pull it also. Now you can take the eastern 
path to a room with a few lover level NMs. After you got the key run back to lever 
no. 1 and pull it again to open the way south. Ignore the other levers and use they 
key to open the way forward, when you encounter second locked door look for 
unexplored room nearby and beat another NM for the second key.

-=Gardens of Calamity=-
In Gardens of Calamity there's couple gimmicks with magma slimes that turn into 
crystals when killed. If your path is blocked by big crystal wall you need to kill 
slimes to produce small crystals until you get a message that the area heat has 
increased. To remove the boss' shield you will have to first kill the slimes to 
produce crystals, then activate them.

Rest of the Volcano area should be pretty straightforward.

List of Skill Fusion CGs:
Written by Elysse

Just a list of what skill fusion you need for the CGs for gallery and how, I think, 
are efficient ways to do it.

This guide will contain small spoiler. Do note all the CG characters will tell you 
what skill fusion they want. This is just incase you skipped it or forgot about 
what they want.

-=What is Skill Fusion?=-
Skill fusion unlocks at the first DLC (after you finish the Aincrad area) However 
to unlock lvl4 you need to finish DLC2 and finish DLC3 for lvl5 You need to talk 
to a heroine and take for a walk and then talk to Argo and select to undertake a 
new skill fusion quest.

The quest can only be done with a party of 2 (you and the heroine) There will be 
3 stages, first time completing the quest for a skill fusion will unlock lv3, 
second time lv4 then lv5.

After you finish a quest go to talk to Argo again. Don't be afraid when she says
 taking a new one will void any progress on the old one, this only applies to 
quest that is unfinished, finished skill fusion quest will not be affected.

-=List of CG=-
Some CG can only happen during the day.

-=DLC 1=-
Asuna - Healer lv3
Premiere - Healer lv3
Liz - Tank lv3
Silica - Buffer lv3

-=DLC 2=-
Leafa - Attacker lv4
Yuuki - Buffer lv4
Sinon - Buffer lv4
Philia - Attacker lv4
Strea - Tank lv4

-=DLC 3=-
Argo - Healer lv5
Eugeo - Attacker lv5
Alice - Buffer lv5

-=A scene but no CG=-
Rain - Buffer lv5
Seven - Attacker lv5

Maybe have a scene but I didn't try.

-=Tia, Kizmel, Zero=-
Some Suggestion on Skill Fusion Grinding

My suggestion is to do healer first and equip healer fusion lvl5 for attacker 
and buffer later on. Because the huge boost to attack speed and ss sp cost 
reduction etc.

Equip both you and the heroine with the 100 col weapon from shop. And DO NOT equip 
EX skill that is considered attacker EX (any EX skill that is marked with a red 
crossed sword label) or you will kill the NM boss that I used to farm in like 3 
100 chains even with the basic weapon when you have attacker fusion 3+. I went to 
multiplayer Nightmare mode, Kurjiez Desert - Adelzande Tower: Lower.

Go to the teleporter in the middle of map warp. There will be a lvl133 NM golem. 
Use 2 ss that have most hit and go ham on it or you can spam basic attack. 
(Remember to stop at the needed chain amount and let it reset) Or you can do what 
I did is that combine this with the skill point farming and use weapons/ EX skill 
you never or hardly use.

Use the Form Up command and spam it to keep the NPC right next to you. But however,
 both you and the NPC needs to be blocking (I believe this is the case) so that the 
shield will be yellow instead of blue. And when hit you will see a green residual. 
Only this will count towards tank fusion quests. I did this at Stalvatos Ruins - 
Galeilix Cavern with the lion thingies which are lvl155+ on Nightmare. 
They have mostly AOE attacks and very predictable attacks.

Learn some basic healing skill (do not need the EX). Go to Vulcanus Citadel - 
Ashrael Infernos. Buff yourself with all the hp regen and hp + you can and jump 
down. This is instantly take you down to 1 hp. But without any enemy around it 
is completely safe. When you or your partner reached full hp, jump again and 
repeat. It should only take 6min including running in town for quest to get to lvl5.

Same place as attack fusion grinding. Use Attack, Switch, Use Skill command and 
follow by your own ss to get a skill chain. Should be relative quick.

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