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  Hints and Tips for: Swords'n Magic and Stuff 
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 Swords'n Magic and Stuff Cheats

Swords'n Magic and Stuff

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Key Farm (New Way to Get Money):
Written by ILikApples

-=What is Key Farming?=-
Key farming is a fast way to make money in the game. 
It needs 20 minutes to get 1200 gold (1 Coin per Second).

-=What You Need=-
To Key Farm you need to be out side of the starting boat but you can do it 
anytime after that. If you have a Glider it makes the process faster but 
you don't need one.

-=How to Key Farm=-
To start the process close your game and reopen it in steam. 
Then you should be on the top of the starting boat.

* Jump or Glide of the boat on to the dock.
* Make your way over and past Grogg.
* Go through the small training grounds to the bush by the stairs.
* Search around the bush and grab the Captain's Key.
* Run over to the boat where you started.
* Open the chest in the Captain's Quarters 
  (under the place that you opened the game from).
* Grab the Sailors Hat and close and reopen the game.

-=Each Hat is Worth 80 Coins each=-
This equation for how many hats you need:
Coins needed Divided by 80 = hats needed (always round up).

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