Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis 
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 Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis Cheats

Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis

How to turn your ally into a Angel Knight:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

You need a high level ally and lawful, it need(hp215, mp66, str89, int81,
agi88, ali-l, and the Archangel's Feather) make sure it dies by the enemy,
not in training. and make sure it says transmigate or keep resurrecting 
it till it becomes an Angel Knight. it would be easier to do it in gba. 
in computer.

How to turn your ally into a Lich:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

It needs a wizard lvl 27 with the Ring of the Dead and a Chaotic one, let 
it die by enemy not in training. then if it didn't say transmigate, 
resurrect it again and keep doin it till its a lich.

Submitted by: RM

-=Element breath=-
1st. equip all the dragon set 
2nd. go to battle or training
3rd. u will see a new skill!
4th. u will not able to see it in organize
5th. all classes will have it IF u have complete dragon set 

-=Item Sets=-
Enchanted Hunting Wares: 
Sherwood Bow
Sherwood Hat
Forest Boots
Grincer Coat 
Wearer's movement increases by 2.0

-=Dragon Set=-
Dragon Helm
Dragon Armor
Dragon Eyes
Dragon Shield 
Allows wearer to use dragon breath that corresponds to their element

-=Divine Armaments=-
Saint's Shield
Freude Helm
Southern Cross
Makes wearer immune to bane spells and effects

-=Candy Set=-
Sugar Cane
Candy Armor
Candy Helm
Chocolate Shield
Wearer gains 10% HP back each turn

-=Relics of the Wind=-

-=Netherworld Weapons=-

How to have the most special weapon:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

You need a snapdragon and a useless ally
1st: go to a training
2nd: use the useless ally
3rd: the useless ally need to use snapdragon
4th: he/she will turn into a weapon

WARNING:make sure its the right element you want or there is no turning back. 
ITS PERMANENT it won't work on leaders

How to call out Star Tiara:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

you need eleanor
she needs to be a siren
she needs more than 90mp to summon it
do something like heal comrades or other stuff she can do
and she'll call out star tiara
best if at the 1st battle with mycale then use star tiara, all the undead will be 
gone and only the lich and the daemon will be left.

How to get the secret emblem:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

defeat shaher in sacred demon form with eleanor sacrifice its life, you will get 
a secret emblem or if you get defeated by shaher in sacred demon you will get a 
secret emblem or defeat shaher in sacred demon without eleanor you will get a 
secret emblem.
I defeated shaher in demon form with eleanor sacrifice herself, 
i got myself a Relix's Emblem

Sugar Armor:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

Unlock Deneb, then go to Scabellum
You may see the Pumpkin headed Merchant
Buy Item, you'll See Candy Helm, Sugar Armor, and Chocolate Shield
Battle the Twins
Win and You'll Get Sugar Cane from Lethe
Equip it to an Ally, and he/she will heal 10% of HP per turn

Beating Shaher with ease:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

Have a Lich or more in your group and make Eleanor a Priest, make sure all of your 
Lich have Enfeeble, then when you battle Shaher, it does around 60 damage or higher, 
depends on the Lich you've made. Then Once you confront the Sacred Demon, use the 
Longicolnis(sacred Sprear) on it then continue using Enfeeble, same Dagame in a Range 
Distance a better way to Heal a Lich. They have a Strong Defense so they wouldn't die 
Easy, Make sure they have Firecrest so the Defense would end up to 999.
You can also use Snap Dragon on one of them so the Hero(Alphonse - real name) would
also Damage Shaher around 100+ damage. Good Luck

Level up fast:
Submitted by: Black Star

Make Alphose a knight.He has to be at least level 8.Equip him only a sword.Teach him heal.
Put him in the battle field alone.Lutra would be nice.Make sure there is no enemy who 
can use magic.Then battle.While battling do not attack them.Keep healing yourself.
You will counter attack them if they attack you.But for archers you have to attack them.
By doing this Alphose will be at least level 8-10 in one battle.Then when he is leveled 
enough train with your soldiers.They will also level up fast.In training keep Alphose 
healing himself And your soldiers attacking him or healing him.

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