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  Hints and Tips for: Team Fortress Classic 
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 Team Fortress Classic Cheats

Team Fortress Classic

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes
at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: The weapon codes can only be enabled on the server machine after
the sv_cheats 1 code is activated.

Effect                    Code	
10x sniping power       - fov 1
Normal sniping power    - fov 0
More headshot splatter  - cl_gibcount 99999999
Auto cannon             - tf_weapon_ac
Rocket launcher         - tf_weapon_rl
Grende launcher         - tf_weapon_gl
Pipe bomb launcher      - tf_weapon_pl
Wrench                  - tf_weapon_spanner
Knife                   - tf_weapon_knife
Tranquilizer gun        - tf_weapon_tranq
Chain gun               - tf_weapon_ac
Rocket Launcher         - tf_weapon_rpg
Medkit                  - tf_weapon_medikit
Super shotgun           - tf_weapon_supershotgun
Flamethrower            - tf_weapon_flamethrower
Railgun                 - tf_weapon_railgun

Host your own game and make sure your console command window is set as 
the button ~, press it and a window will come down, type in sv_gravity ***,
fill in the *** with as many numbers as you want, the normal gravity is 
600 -700. have fun. 

Heavy powered sniper: 
Join a game that has a level with a stationary machine game(total war). 
join the game as a sniper walk up to the gun with your sniper gun out, 
gain control of the machine gun and just sniper in, your accurracy will 
be a lot better with this.

Weapon select:
Note: This must be done on the server machine. Type sv_cheats 1 at the 
console. Change the map with the changelevel  console command. 
Then, type tf_weapon_ at the console on any machine connected
to the server to select that weapon.

Shoot with crowbar:
Use the following steps to use the crowbar to shoot bullets from the 
chaingun or flame from a pyro. Change your class to an HW or Pyro. 
Then, use up all your ammo from your chaingun or flamethrower. After 
wasting all the ammo, get out the crowbar and hold the Right Mouse 
Button (or whatever displays your special ability menu) and run over 
a pack of ammo. You should now be able to shoot with your crowbar.

Dead scout sliding on the ground:
Change your class to a scout. Go in the console, type +reload, then go
underwater in any level. Go in the console and type kill. Wait for 
someone to get your pack, then you will be a zombie. To respawn again, 
go in the console and type -reload. Note: This trick has been disabled 
in the latest versions of the game.

Keep same number of rounds after switching weapons:
Start a multi-player game and get the heavy weapons character. Have your
Gatlin Gun ready and get ready to switch your gun. Have the gun that you
want, ready then hold the Left Mouse Button for three seconds. You will 
hear the gun rotate. The gun you selected will have the same ammo that 
the other gun. This also gives you an extra 192 shots with the shotguns.

Snipe farther:
When playing a sniper type fov 10 at the console to double your sniping

Invisible spy:
While in Team Fortress Classic, become a spy. Press [Ctrl] to crouch. Press 
[Right Click] (special ability) and select "Feign". If done correctly, you 
will have feigned like normal, but instead of being on the surface, you are 
now under it and are not visible by any other players. Once you want to get 
out of this position, just stop "Feign". Note: This is a good trick to do 
in an enemy's base, as you are able to communicate with your team. This is 
also a good time to change disguises, while no one can see you.

Level select:
Note: This must be done on the server machine. Type sv_cheats 1 at the 
console, then type changelevel . 

See all monsters:
Note: This must be done on the server machine. Type sv_cheats 1 at the console,
then type mp_allowmonsters. Restart the level to see the monsters. 
Note: This can be done when playing a map from another mod. 

Change movement speed:
Note: This must be done on the server machine. Type sv_cheats 1 at the 
console, then type sv_friction .

This code will instantly kill you and anyone right next to you. To do it type 
give_teledeath in the console. Remember you have to be right next to them. This
counts as suicide to you so you wont get a better score.

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