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  Hints and Tips for: Temple of Aluxes 
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 Temple of Aluxes Cheats

Temple of Aluxes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hint Guide:
Written by Gedelgo

Here is the hint guide for Temple of Aluxes. 
this guide just tells you where to scan for clues.

Basic hint: no room requires back-tracking to solve.
1. Tutorial room.
* Use the scanner on the pedestal

2. Dial and pillar room
* You can open books
* You can rotate the pillar sections
* You can smash pots

3. Lazer room
* Two lazers can pass though the same idol head

4. Solve two of three puzzles.
* For the dial puzzle, look for a nearby journal
* For the grid puzzle, the sequence starts when you find the button that stays 
  pressed. Use your scanner.

5. Two party games and a mensa puzzle
* You can literally make up any rule to connect these sequences. Keep trying 
  until you get it right. Pretty sure the last one was the bottom left button.

6. Lava Room
* Use your scanner on the pillar
* For the 3◊3 grid, use your scanner on the sides of the pedestal. 
  Look on both sides and combine the two.

7. Long hallway
* Thereís stuff hidden in the walls. Use the scanner.
* The big door on the opposite side is a secret. Itís not required to progress.
8. Element room
* You can pickup the three plaques on the pedestal. Scan the back and front.
* Three of the pillars are liars.

9. Math room
* Can you do basic algebra?

10. Trap room
* Use the scanner on the buttons before you start.

11. Code rooms
* Left room: look on the floor for an un-lit torch. It takes a few seconds for 
  the other torches to light.
* Main room: use the scanner on the dials, some of them are linked.
* Right room: use the scanner on the walls.

12. Coordinates room
* Use the scanner on the the four corner blocks to reveal the grid coordinates.

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