Terminator Salvation - The Future Begins Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Terminator Salvation - The Future Begins 
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 Terminator Salvation - The Future Begins Cheats

Terminator Salvation - The Future Begins

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In Terminator Salvation the videogame, based on the upcoming Terminator
Salvation film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures, players 
assume the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance, battling 
for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet.

Terminator Salvation the videogame is an intense action-packed third-person
shooter featuring concentrated armed combat against all of the Skynet enemies
from the film and new killer machines specifically designed for the game. 
Taking place two years before the events of the upcoming film set in a post
apocalyptic, decimated Los Angeles, players will be lead through a visceral,
story and character driven gaming experience.

Featuring intense third-person action, Terminator Salvation the videogame 
will take combat to the next level with iconic enemies, cinematic fight 
sequences and advanced weaponry, drawn directly from the film, as well as
an innovative, multi-layered cover mechanic.

* New Installment of Terminator Mythology: Set two years prior to the 
  upcoming Terminator Salvation film, players will get the opportunity
  to be John Connor for the first time and continue the epic fiction of
  the Terminator mythology. 

* Unrelenting Intelligent Robotic Enemies: Unrelenting and incredibly
  resilient iconic enemies from the Terminator franchise fight to the 
  bitter end on land and in the sky. Designed to pursue the player by 
  any means necessary, damaged or broken enemies will literally claw 
 their way forward to inflict harm. 

* Advanced Destructible Cover Gameplay: Terminator Salvation – The Videogame
  will incorporate advanced cover mechanics which allows players to use the 
  destructible environment as protection and strategically navigate through 
  enemy entrenched territory. The cover mechanic’s multi-faceted design 
  changes the way “cover” gameplay is executed. 

* Diverse Array of Advanced Weaponry: The player has access to a wide array 
  of weapons including shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, huge mounted 
  weaponry, grenades, rocket-launchers and even a plasma firing Skynet tank. 

* Rugged Armored Vehicles Gun Fights: Pursue, attack, or evade enemies through
  post-apocalyptic environments on foot or inside rugged armored vehicles in 
  extremely kinetic and extensive cinematic gun battles.

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