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  Hints and Tips for: The Division 
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 The Division Cheats

The Division

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite crafting resources:
While playing the game, go to "Matchmaking" and select "Free Roam" in Automatch. 
Once you join another player's game, go around collecting resources (tools, 
electronic parts, weapon parts) outside the Base of Operations at Pennsylvania 
Plaza. Two boxes with tools can be found right down the street by the two semi 
trucks, next to the parked cars on the lifts. There are also electronic parts, 
weapon parts, and fabric nearby. Once you have collected the desired resources,
go to "Group Management" and select "Leave Group". Normally, resources respawn 
every two hours, but they immediately respawn when joining another player's game,
unless another player has recently collected the resources. If this happens, join
a different player's game. This process takes approximately six minutes each 
time, depending on how many areas you visit to collect resources. Repeat this
process as many times as desired to get unlimited resources. You can also craft
items and sell them with the resources to get unlimited money. Note: This glitch 
was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Easy money:
During any mission, complete at least one objective and grab the supplies and 
weapons the enemies drop. Then, sell the items and restart the mission. Repeat
this as many times as desired.

Displaying all collectibles on map:
To display all the collectibles on the map, purchase the "Canine Unit" 
in the Security Wing for 200 supplies. Then, complete all side missions
and encounters in a specific zone to reveal all remaining intel on the 
map in that zone.

Early XP Boost:
When you reach Manhattan and establish a Base of Operations at the NYPO, 
you have the opportunity to complete the first Security before you move 
onto other missions. Make sure that you do so. Upon rescuing Sgt. Benitez,
you'll have the option to upgrade your base's Security wing, which unlocks
the Experienced Agent perk. It will award you a 10% XP boost, meaning each
task you complete thereafter can yield a more substantial reward than it 
otherwise would.

Level Up Quickly:
To level up quickly, you'll need to take advantage of the systems the game 
has in place. Some are more effective than others, so keep the following 
advice in mind to make the most of any time you spend pursuing higher 

*Return to missions you've already cleared, but on higher difficulty settings 
*Seek out and complete all available Side Missions 
*Clear any random encounters that crop up as you explore 
*Find the location of all ECHO sequences

Naturally, you'll gain more XP the more you compelte each of the above 
activities. It's generally worth playing through a mission at least twice 
as you progress, just to toughen yourself up for any future challenges.

Weapon and Customization:
While Playing Go to pause Menu then open the Inventory, here you will see
the main attributes which is the DPS, Health, and the Skill Power. You 
can carry three different types of weapon in the game which can be Primary 
(Rifles), Secondary and the Sidearm(Pistols). Every category is capable of 
customization and you start up with the basic Grips.

For Primary Weapon, you have three customization slots, The First is the 
Magazine Upgrade, an Under Barrel upgrade and lastly the Muzzle upgrade. 
As you keep progressing and unlocking you can customize your weapons and 
make it more stable and good range. Coming to the armor, it has the same 
mechanics as the Weapons so do have a check on the attributes. Lastly, 
the backpacks which can also help you with extra bonuses like skill cool
down reduction or skill power. The High-End weapons with perks will have 
more effect.
Note: Perks are not Attachments

Perks and Abilities:
After the Weapon and customization section, let's have a look at the Perks
and the Abilities System, tree. To have a look at your liabilities again 
go to the pause Menu and then access the Abilities screen. Here you see 
three sections which you need to upgrade and improve your skills. First 
is the Medical then the Tech and lastly Security. 

If you select the Perk and go to the modification section you see that 
you can increase the range of the Pulse and which can either make you 
immune to other pulse or increase the enemy damage. You must unlock all
the Perks one by one in order to get higher Skills. Go to the Locked Perk
and see the Requirement needed to be unlocked. You need to unlock the other
wings with in-game currency in order to unlock the Main Perk. Also, the 
skill power stats affects the effectiveness of your abilities.

Squad goals:
If you don't already have a group of friends to play with, there are two 
main ways to team up with other players in The Division. While you're in 
a hub area, you can approach another player then click in the right stick
to get the option to join them, or you can select the matchmaking option 
when heading into a mission area. Going in with a squad can make 
confrontations easier to survive, and exploring is more fun with you have 
some buddies with you.

Communication is key when working together so coordinate your actions with 
headsets if possible, but if you don't have one (or just don't like talking 
to strangers) then there are a set of emotes you can use to indicate your 
intent - hold down on the d-pad then select an action from the wheel. It's 
best to try and establish a squad made up of different specialists, such as 
a tough attacker, a medic, a sniper etc, so you complement each other in 
the heat of a battle.

Easy "Shut That Door" achievement:
This can be done anywhere on the streets of New York City. When you see a 
car with open doors, take cover behind it. Then, simply walk around the 
door while in cover to automatically close it and get the "Shut That Door"

Farm Phoenix Credits:
Remember that you won't be able to buy these Credits with real money, so 
it's all about the hard work. Don't worry we have a special trick which 
will help you earn 800 Phoenix Credits in a day. How to Spend the Phoenix
Credits you must check our guide Here. So without any further ado, let's 
begin with the Tricks.

Now that most of the players are hitting level 30 with ease with the help 
of the Tips and Tricks, you must get ready and start level up with high-end 
weapons in order to fight them. So Here is the Trick - You must try to 
complete the last Story Mission General Assembly with Difficulty - 'Hard'.

The Mission will hardly take 15-20 minutes as you know how and where to 
attack from. Once you manage to complete the mission successfully then 
the Yellow Enemies will drop those awaited Phoenix Credits. Best of Luck
and Do have a look at our The Division Wiki page to know more about the 
Dark Zone.

Gaining New Skills:
In a lot of RPGs, you can learn new abilities by earning XP and leveling 
up your characters. However, things work slightly different here. You 
should instead update your Base of Operations, which leads to new 
abilities. For instance, you can construct a new wing for your Medical 
Ward, and that will grant access to a new healing skill. You might also 
gain a new perk in the process. You still want XP, however, because 
gaining levels allows you to use better weapons and gear.

Sons of Anarchy reference:
Someone on the game's development team must like the popular television 
series, "Sons of Anarchy." You'll find a number of ads positioned around
town that depict a man with "Saviors of New York" printed across the 
back of his shirt, in a format that seems to be a direct reference to 
the television show.

Beyond Borders:
There are large chunks of the map that wouldn't be available through normal
play, but which you can explore by exploiting glitches. To start, travel 
to the west side of Hell's Kitchen. From the safe house located at Dante's 
Run, head west along 42nd street to reach the large gates that serve as the
normal barrier along the edge of the playable area. As you are facing the 
gate, look toward the right side. You should see a concrete barrier on its
opposite side. Place your character next to the barricade, and a "climb" 
icon will appear. Climb onto the barricade and you'll pass through the fence.

In the new area, you'll also find a second collision glitch that grants 
access to even more of the region. Make your way to the military checkpoint,
and make sure you have equipped the Mobile Cover and Ballistic Shield skills.
In the region, you should find an LMB shipping container, near the left side.
You can glitch through the nearby chain-link fence. To do so, position 
yourself as far back against the corner of the container and fence as 
possible, then deploy your mobile cover as close to your location as possible.
Quickly pull out your Ballistic Shield and repeatedly use the Roll Backwards 
command. A few attempts should result in your character being hurled back 
into the space between the container and fence. With the Ballistic Shield 
still equipped, face the container and start repeatedly rolling backwards 
until suddenly you pop through the fence. In the new area, you can head 
north to the De Witt Clinton Park region, or cross the bridge to look for
an area between Central Park and the Dark Zone. The latter is possible by
making your way to the ramp that exits the bridge located near the checkpoint
where you previously broke through a wall. You can climb onto a semi-truck, 
continue along the bridge and perform a U-turn at the end of the highway to 
find new terrain. Pass underneath the building arch now located to your 
left (east of the bridge) and follow the road until you find yourself 
north of the nearby Dark Zone.

Vendor locations:
The following safehouses in the indicated area have the listed type of vendor(s):

Camp Hudson: Weapon and gear 
Base Of Operations (Pennsylvania Ave.): All 
Hudson Yards: Weapons 
Garment District: Gear 
Tenderloin: Weapons 
Hell's Kitchen: Gear 
Times Square: Gear 
Clinton: Weapon 
Flatiron District: Gear 
Gramercy: Weapons 
Stuyvesant: Gear 
Kips Bay: Gear 
Murray Hill: Weapons 
Turtle Bay: Gear 
Midtown East: Weapons 
DZ06: Dark Zone Special Vendor (Phoenix Coins only) 
DZ05: Dark Zone Weapon Mod 
DZ04: Dark Zone Gear Mod 
DZ03: Dark Zone Weapons 
DZ02: Dark Zone Gear

Easy Phoenix Credits:
Successfully complete the Daily mission to get over 50 Phoenix Credits (20 for 
the Daily, 30 for the Challenge mode, and 1-3 for killing the Boss). Repeatedly 
complete the first Challenge mode mission (Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint), which is 
the easiest to complete, to get 30 Phoenix Credits each time and High-End gear.

Easy Dark Zone XP:
Once you reach Level 30, obtain Superior (purple) or High-end (orange) gear from
vendors that have at least one empty mod slot. It is also very helpful if they 
already have an "Advanced Performance Mod" to boost the "Increase Kill XP" stat.
Then, go to a Recalibration station (for example, in the Post Office at the Base 
of Operations), and keep re-rolling the stats on all the gear until it gives a 
boost to the "Increase Kill XP" stat. Go to Dark Zone 1, 2, or 3 with a team and
kill as many enemies as possible to increase your Dark Zone level much quicker. 
If you get the "Increase Kill XP" stat to around 100%, you will increase your 
Dark Zone level twice as fast as normal.

Quick leveling:
To reach Level 30 (current max) as quickly as possible, complete all story 
missions on the Normal difficulty. You do not get any extra XP for completing 
story missions on the Hard difficulty, and barely get any additional XP from 
killing enemies on the Hard difficulty. Make sure to buy the "Experienced Agent"
perk immediately after completing Story Mission 5, where you rescue Captain 
Benitez and activate the Security wing, to get a 10% XP gain from all activities.
Complete Encounters that give a good amount of XP. You normally cannot replay an
Encounter after completing it, but if you join a game of another player that has
not yet completed the Encounter, you can replay it and get the same amount of XP
for completing it again. To easily level up a low level character, especially a
second character, play with at least one other Level 30 player and have them 
complete Story missions, Encounters, and Side missions while you stay back and
away from enemies to quickly reach Level 30.

Recommended weapons:
One of the best assault rifles currently in the game is the Black Market AK-74.
Two of the best SMGs are the Midas and Vector 45 ACP. One of the best sniper 
rifles is the First Wave M1A. It is recommended to always carry at least one 
good assault rifle, SMG, and sniper rifle to help with all situations in the game.

Chris Farley reference:
Pay close attention to the various Echoes in the game and you'll find one named 
Victor Wright, who is unemployed and "Lives in a fan down by the river." That's 
a reference to the Chris Farley character from Saturday Night Live, a boisterous
motivational speaker.

Easy High-End weapons and items:
To have a good chance of quickly getting a High-End weapon or item, you will 
need the Mobile Cover with the Extension modification. Start the "Police Academy" 
mission on the Hard difficulty. Run straight down the street to the target 
building. You normally would not be able to enter this building until later in 
the mission. However, there is currently a glitch that has not yet been patch 
that allows you to enter that building right away. Toss your Mobile Cover with 
the Extension modification at the double doors that open up in the final fight 
of the mission. Throw it down sideways so part of the cover is actually sticking
through the door and emerging at the reception area on the inside of the building.
You should then be able to snap to cover and slide through the door. Next, go 
into the gym and activate the Rogue Agent 03: Captured ECHO. This allows you to 
skip the first portion of the mission so you can save time. Once this exploit 
is patched, you will have to proceed through the mission normally. Fight the 
waves of enemies that attack and come through the double doors. Once the mission
is over, there is a chance that a High-End weapon or item will drop, including 
the High-End Classic M1A Marksman Rifle. You may also only get a Superior 
weapon or item from the Boss. This process takes approximately five minutes 
each time. Note: A great talent for the High-End Classic M1A is the Balance 
talent. Play the "Lexington Event Center" mission on the Challenging difficulty.
It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete with a skilled team of players. 
You will get 30 Phoenix Credits and a High-End armor piece for completing it 
each time. Go to DZ 05 with a good team of players and proceed to "The Pit" 
landmark. This area has Level 32 enemies, and they have a good chance of 
dropping High-End weapons and items. Even if you do not get High-End weapons 
or items, you will at least get some quality drops from defeating these enemies.

Challenge mode:
Reach Level 30 to unlock the Challenge difficulty for missions, as well as one 
daily challenge mission and two daily hard missions that reward Phoenix Credits
for completion. Challenge mode greatly increases the difficulty of missions, 
but it provides much better rewards.

Easy max ammo:
To easily carry more ammo, equip two pieces of the Lone Star gear, a chest piece 
with extra ammo capacity as a stat, and either the Police backpack (obtained from
the Reward vendor in the Base Of Operations) or a backpack with extra ammo capacity.
You can also add mods with extra ammo capacity to the gear for even more ammo. 
Then, collect ammo from a supply crate. You can now remove all the equipment and
equip your normal gear. You can do this each time you resupply to carry a lot 
more ammunition than you can normally carry with the gear you are using.

Easy extra medkits:
To carry seven medkits instead of the normal five, equip the Paramedic backpack
(obtained from the Reward vendor in the Base Of Operations), then open a supply
crate. You can now remove the Paramedic backpack and equip your normal backpack.
You can do this each time you resupply to carry two additional medkits than you 
can normally carry with the gear you are using.

Easy battles:
In the game you will have lots of battles, but the DMG (damage) on your primary 
will make all the difference. The higher the DMG level, the easier it will be. 
The DPS (damage per second) does not mean everything. For those who want to 
continue using a rifle, the Marksman rifles will be your best bet. They have 
longer reload times and smaller clips (until you upgrade), but if you aim it 
correctly they will result in one shot kills. Using a shotgun as your primary 
is not recommended as most of your battles in the beginning will be medium 
range, but it would be perfect for close range combat. 

Collect everything:
Even for being an elite Agent, things cost money. Pick up everything, whether you 
need it or not. Do not worry about filling your bag up too quickly; you will have 
plenty of room to start with. You can sell what you do not need later. Be on the 
lookout for fabric, tools and weapon parts also; these have no limits and you can 
pick up as much as desired. Do not be afraid to go up a scaffold, in a window, or 
down an alley. Most of the good items is on the streets, and not in the stores. 

Fast leveling:
Your level is everything and determines everything about you. For fast level ups, 
you have the following options.

* Collect blue items. Phone voicemails, data collections, echoes, etc. These are 
  minimum 300 experience points each and most of them will not require a battle. 
  See the maps in the safe houses for their locations.
* Help your citizens. When you see a citizen asking for help, give it to them. Not 
  only will they reward you, you will also gain experience as well.
* Side missions. Do these before the primary missions. A lot of them repeat in 
  different parts of New York and are often the same idea. If you are prepared 
  and complete one, you can complete the other on the other side of the same town.
* Explore your terrain. Every city, every landmark, etc., you discover awards you 
  experience. Do not be afraid to explore; however if you wander too far, be 
  prepared. Some cities have "checkpoints" where the enemy will not be very friendly.
* Head shots. One of the perks you will eventually pick up will give bonus experience
  for head shots (plus other items that give you more experience for this later). 
  Learn to aim for the head from the start. If you have a Marksman rifle, this is 
* Join other players. If you have friends that play the game that are a higher 
  level than you, tag along in their party. The battles may be harder, but you 
  share their higher experience rewards and the wealth they collect. Joining players 
  is not a cross-platform option; you both must have the same console.
* Daily missions, VIP take outs, etc. Once you reach level 30, some items will 
  open up for you that reward you with very high experience points. Do these as 
  often as possible. Out of all the options available, these and side missions 
  are probably the fastest level ups in the game. 

Big Bosses:
Big Bosses in this game are all the same. Their weapon has a very high DPS rate, 
their reload times are long, and most of them are slow moving. This is where high 
DMG really comes into play, along with head shots. Use their reload times and a 
mixture of your secondary shotgun to take advantage of this. Use your grenades as 
well and stay behind cover. Their DPS is very high; a direct confrontation will 
end in you dying. Shotguns are very useful here; make sure you always have one 
in your inventory. 

The snipers have one major flaw; their lens flare on their rifles. When it turns 
bright, they are about to shoot. Use the time between their shots to take them out
and time it carefully. Most snipers are accurate and their shots hurt. A Marksman 
rifle is preferred here. 

The Dark Zone:
The DZ is an interactive area of New York where you play with the AI and other 
players that just so happen to be on the same server you are on. The DZ is very
unforgiving, very difficult, and is not recommended for players who do not like
challenges. If you wish to go into the DZ, take some friends with you. It will 
be better for all of you for it to be a group effort. Also when you come in 
contact with other players, you will share each others' audio. If you are both 
wearing headsets, you will hear them, and they can hear you. If they fire at you,
let them know you are not there for them and most will leave you alone. Finally, 
the DZ has the best items, but in order to it, your DZ level must be high. Start 
slow, pick and choose your battles, and make friends with people that are higher 
levels than yourself.

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