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  Hints and Tips for: The Frostrune 
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 The Frostrune Cheats

The Frostrune

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by CoH-Piper

How to get all the achievements in The Frostrune.

There are 20 achievements in The Frostrune, just over half of these 
can be achieved from a single playthrough of the game. 

By finishing the game from start to finish you will be granted 
these achievements roughly in this order.

* Ullr
* Hymir
* Dvergr
* Andrimner
* Heid
* Aegirs gastir
* Vaf■r˙­nir
* Hel's gastir
* Damn Breaker
* Mengl÷­
* Heimdal
* Bandr˙n
* Blood worm

-=Special Achievements=-
The Viking names and descriptions of the achievements make it a little 
tricky to deduce the criteria for them. 

Finish the game and watch the ending cutscene and credits till the end 
without skipping.

Near the end of the game, use the Hel Staff, and in this order, click on the 
horse in the tree, the goat in the temple and the whale on the beach.

It appears, if you use your Hel Staff, and click on all the dead people in 
the game, you will be granted this achievement. The seer, the guy down the 
hole, anyone frozen, plus the horse skull beside the crate too (where you 
used the spade), click on them all.

-=Litet-vis ma­r=-
Go to the beach and spam click around the dead whale. 

In the foundry, use an object (statue/pick axe) and spam click on the fire 
and pouring bucket. After some time, you will be awarded the achievement. 
Note it is unclear exactly which objects can be used for this achievement, 
there may be others that work.

This is a speed run achievement. Finish the game in under 35 minutes. 
Alt tabbing can be used as a method of pausing the game and will not add 
on to your time.

Play an entire game without using the hints (like a true viking would).

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