The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk 
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 The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Cheats

The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Michael_Kuerbis

-==Chapter Finishers==-

-=Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woolington
Finish chapter 1

-=Chapter 2 - Prison Escape
Finish chapter 2

-=Chapter 3 - The Center of the World
Finish chapter 3

-=Chapter 4 - Reunion in Old Aspia
Finish chapter 4

-=Chapter 5 - The Secret of the Foggy Valley
Finish chapter 5

-=Chapter 6 - Wind of Change
Finish chapter 6 and the game


-=Mr. Wise-Guy
Finish the game without using the hint system.

Request 30 tipps from the hint system.

Talk to all characters in the game. There are 22 characters in total. 
The achievement is unlocked when you finish chapter 6.

-=Chapter 1:
Emil's Brother
Querolatius/tied-up guy

-=Chapter 2:

-=Chapter 3:
Other passenger
Mysteriosa/service hotline

-=Chapter 4:
Bingo pony
Mama Dola

-=Chapter 5:
Flute noses

-=Chapter 6:

-=Return to sender
Bring back the stuff you've borrowed!

You have to return three items to their point of origin.
Chapter 1: Return the screwdriver to Molly.
Chapter 3: Return the syringe to the first aid box.
Chapter 6: Return the stapler to the tent.

-=Chapter 1 - Woolington
One doused root lizard
Let Hack douse the lizard in water three times by hacking the fruit.

If at first you don't succeed
Show unstoppable optimism when playing darts!

Loose the dart game twice.

Who cable cares?
So you got something better to do than peeking under the sheet in the general store?

Finish the chapter without looking under the sheet in the general store. Under the 
sheet is the model of the cable car with the settings sticker. Do not show the ticket 
to the brother of Emil and do not lift the sheet of the model. 
You are still permitted to pick the lens from the spyglass. 
The correct settings are: lever all the way down, wheel north-east, 
both middle buttons actice.

-=Chapter 2 - Prison
Kick it like Peacham
Let the pipe burst, but do not flush the peas. Flush the peach first.
The guard will kick the peach back to your cell.

Knock-Knock Master
Instantly win the Knock-Knock game!

The trick is to reply one more than how many times was actually knocked. 
This way you have to win two rounds. 

Green is not a creative color
Talk to Libretta about the cactus picture before flushing the peas. Give her the peas. 
She will tell you something about colors.

-=Chapter 3 - Cable Car Station
Public Enemy No. 1
Commit a capital crime!! - Probably unmissable

Tear down the poster with the vacation motive - can be done as either Hack or Robert.

Feeding the drill rats
Laura knows what drill rats crave.

Feed the drill rats with saw dust before disrupting the freight transport system 
with the bowl.

Negative thinking doesn't pay off
Configurate the ticket machine wrong.

Laura has to configurate the ticket machine with plugs. Two configurations are 
accepted - the positive and the negative. The difference is whether a red plug on 
the bottom row is plugged into the plus or the minus. Put a red plug into the minus 
and finish the rest of the configuration. As Robert talk to the ticket machine.

-=Chapter 4 - Old Aspia
Completely restore the bingo horse - probably unmissable.

Trigger a useless explosion.

Put the booze, the clay, the certificate and the chili into the string telephone - 
but not the eye! Now let Mama Dola perform the ritual. It will trigger a small 
but ineffective explosion.

-=Chapter 5 - Foggy Valley
Raft ride
Let the raft sail over the pond unloaded. Put the raft together, but do not put 
the book onto the raft. Put the raft on the pond and play the song of the wind.

Solve the monolith puzzle - probably unmissable.

-=Chapter 6 - Wind fountain square
Back in bag
Fill the itching powder from the bag into the balloon and back into the bag.

Story Wizard
Guess the story on your first attempt.

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