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  Hints and Tips for: The Wild Eight 
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 The Wild Eight Cheats

The Wild Eight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

HUB Seed Locations:
Written by XkyDiver

Where to find the eight types of seeds for your HUB "Home Sweet Home".

-=The Seeds=-
After you gain access to the HUB location (a blue exclamation point on the 
map labeled "Home Sweet Home") you are tasked with finding the eight types 
of seeds to plant in the auto-garden. 

Here are the locations you can find them in:

-=Home Sweet Home - Tomato Seeds=-
These should be easy to find!

-=Treasures of the Food Warehouse - Red Pepper Seeds=-
You have to venture into the basement and turn the power back on. 
It is possible to run back upstairs without fighting either Mutant.

-=Lost Future - Carrot Seeds=-
On a table next to a letter. You can get these without fighting Isaac.

-=24hours Vapor Diner - Green Onion Seeds=-
This is the diner that is mostly intact. 

-=Cafe Vapor Diner - Dill Seeds=-
This is the diner that is wrecked and damaged.

-=Hangar with hole in top - Potato Seeds=-
You'll have to use the rollaway bin as a ramp to drop in via the roof. 
Land on top of the stack of boxes to avoid fall damage.

-=Hangar with hole in the side - Cucumber Seeds=-
This is the hangar at the south-western end of the first set of power 
poles you encounter.

-=Shadows in the Night - Melon Seeds=-
This quest is rather easy to cheat. Sneak in shortly before sunrise, 
and then power everything on after the ghosts have departed!

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