The Amazing Spider Man Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Amazing Spider Man 
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 The Amazing Spider Man Cheats

The Amazing Spider Man

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock Comic Books:
1st Spider-Man - Gather 5 Pages.
Modern Lizard  - Gather 30 Pages.
1st Lizard     - Gather 15 Pages.
1st Rhino      - Gather 50 Pages.
1st Scorpion   - Gather 80 Pages.
1st Black Cat  - Gather 125 Pages.
Vs. Vermin     - Gather 175 Pages.
1st Iguana     - Gather 250 Pages.
1st Gwen Stacy - Gather 350 Pages.
1st Smythe     - Gather 500 Pages.

Unlock Comic Book Page Finder:
Gather 500 pages. 

Unlockable Costumes:
Basically you have to do side quest's to unlock certain 
costumes to use the list is below

Classic Black Suit     - Progress halfway through the campaign.
Future Foundation Suit - Complete all crimes and green side missions.
Negative Zone Suit     - Complete all xtreme challenges.
Scarlet Spider         - Collect all 700 comics.

Unlock alternative costumes:
As you may know, to unlock the alternative costumes you have to follow a different path
than on xbox 360 and ps3 consoles. We don't get to see spider emblems, take photo of 
them and all the costumes just in minutes.. Instead we get the hard way. Here's is a 
list I've got so far by playing about how you can unlock some of the costumes on PC 
VERSION of the game. 

1.CLASSIC BLACK SUIT(Sam Raimi Movie Style)
  Just get progress through the story and shortly you'll recieve it. 
  Collect all the 700 comic books around the city. After you hit 500, you can see the 
  location of the remaining comic books in your minimap, but not visible on the big map
  on your phone. Just a hint, I searched around looking for only a single comic book 
  which was the only thing left to complete and I found it when I got up to the biggest
  building in the city, that huge black oscorp building where you fight the snake robot.
  Until you get up there, it's not shown in the minimap because it's so high. 
  Finish the game on any difficulty. 
  Finish all the green side-missions. 
  Finish all the blue side-missions. (Like petty crime, car chase etc. Don't get worried
  when you don't see any more blue missions without getting %100 percentage on these side
  missions. They're likely to appear later at a time for you to progress further)

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