Theatre of Death Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Theatre of Death 
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 Theatre of Death Cheats

Theatre of Death

Hints/ Tips:
* You cannot shoot anybody behind a hill or in a trench.
* People can be grenaded in a trench.
* Movement is slower when on a slope.
* Rockets will impact on the sides of hills before reaching their targets
* You cannot shoot a man behind an object (house/tree ect).
* If a man collides with an object while moving to a destination he'll go around it.
* Play continues whilst the map is on
* Make use of the cameras. You can keep track of up to 4 groups with this.
* Practise their use in the training sessions as profeciency in their use.
* Saves a lot of screen scrolling,switching and lives!
* Make good use of the platoon commands. 
* It is often not a good idea to command a direct assault. 
* Troops will be lost your troops.
* Make good use of on screen objects. 
* Hide behind the buildings and trees to surprise the enemy.
* Traitors will not gun down the enemy if they are currently selected land mines 
  are very useful if an enemy is on attack mode(most of the time) they will head 
  for the nearest squad of men.mine the area and theyv'e had it.
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