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  Hints and Tips for: The Binding of Isaac 
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 The Binding of Isaac Cheats

The Binding of Isaac

Steam achievements:
Submitted by: Bonek

???                    - Complete the full game 10 times
Basement Boy           - Complete the basement without taking damage
Cains Eyepatch         - Collect 50 pennies in one play through
Dark Boy               - Complete the depths without taking damage
Everythings Terrible!  - Complete the full game 6 times
Golden God!            - 100% the game
I have sticker fingers - You defeated Gish!
I Killed Mom!          - kill mom
I need a hug           - You defeated C.H.A.D.!
It Lives!              - Complete the full game 9 times
Judass Fez             - Complete the full game
Lil Chubby             - Defeat all bosses in the caves
Lokis Horns            - Defeat all bosses in the depths
Maggys Wig             - Collect 7 container hearts in one play through
Mamas Boy              - Complete the full game without taking damage
Moms Contact           - stay out of moms things!
Moms Pill Bottle       - mom needs her pills! donate blood.
Money = Power          - Complete the full game 8 times
Monstros Tooth         - Defeat all bosses in the basement
Mr. Mega!              - Kids shouldnt play with matches
My head hurts          - You defeated Steven!
Spelunker Boy          - Complete the caves without taking damage
The Bag                - Complete the full game with Cain
The Bandage            - Make a Super Meat Boy!
The Bean               - you dont wanna know where this bean has been
The Book of Sin        - Destroy the 7 Sins!
The Common Cold        - Dirty needles eww
The Cross              - Complete the full game with Maggy
The D6                 - Complete the full game with ???
The Fetus              - Complete the full game 5 times
The Gamekid            - i lost mine in the arcade
The Halo               - Give mom a taste of her own medicine!
The Nail               - Complete the full game 3 times
The Necronomicon       - Call death upon all of them!
The Noose              - Complete the full game 2 times
The Parasite           - Kids shouldnt play with dead things
The Quarter            - Complete the full game 4 times
The Radioactive Spider - Complete the basement
The Robo-Baby          - Complete the full game with Judas
The Rock               - i like to break things
The Shears             - ive lost my head one too many times
The Spelunker          - Complete the Caves
The Wafer              - Complete the full game 7 times
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