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  Hints and Tips for: The Emperor's New Groove 
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 The Emperor's New Groove Cheats

The Emperor's New Groove

Here are some tips/hints for a few of the levels:
Daniel Grimes, Submitted the following Information:

Village chapter 1.
Coins: 55
Secrets: 2

-=How to find the secrets=-
The first of the two secrets can be found near the first checkpoint. The 
second secret is more difficult. After charging the tree down, there is 
a door that can be opened by putting the pot on the pad. Once you have 
done this, to the left of both doors, an island will appear. Jump onto 
the island, and the secret will become clear. 

Catacombs chapter 1
Coins: 35
Secrets: 0

Information: Like chapter 3 and 5, this is a rollercoaster level. Touching 
the arrows make you go faster, the targets make you jump, and the green 
spots make you turn around. The object is to reach the exit at the other 
end, without falling off. 

City chapter 2
Coins: 100
Secrets: 3

-=How to find the secrets=-
If at the beginning, you go up the steps, enter the door on the right, go 
across the water and jump onto the platform with the pad, you can grop 
down to a secret platform. You can find the second secret by bursting 
through a wall with two men near by. The third secret is behind another 
weak wall.  

Mountain chapter 1
Coins: 90
Secrets: 2

Tips: Follow Pacha on the first part of the level. When you come to the 
statue part, you can find the two missing statues in the cave.

-=How to find the secrets=-
The first secret is near Tipo and the treadmill. Stand there and look for 
bats. When you have spotted them, you can charge-jump to the entrance. The
other secret is at the top of the treadmill. Run past the well and bridge,
and keep to the right wall. At the end of the platform, you will find a 
small piece of land. Roll away the rock to reveal the secret. 

Jungle Day chapter 2

Tips: Charge over the guards that throw axes. Use your karate-jump-kick to 
defaet the crocodile. Chickens carry red idols. Watch out for the childre 
with baseball bats! Talk to the flies to reveal the secrets.

River chapter 4.
Coins: 40

-=How to find the secret=-
Spit the blow up toys into the wampy cave, and when you have broken the 
gate, you can collect the wampy!

Jungle Night chapter 1
Coins: 35

Watch out for spiders falling from silken thread! Follow the squirell. Talk 
to the flies.

-=How to find the secret=-
At the beggining of the level, take the first left, and carry on until you 
reach the stone monument. Follow the wall inbetween the two pots until you 
find an opening in the hedge.

Submitted by: rickHH

Get a gamepad if you don't have one; The Emperor's New Groove is playable on 
a keyboard, but it's easier to play with a gamepad. 

Use your grape seeds sparingly; you never know when you're going to need them 
to spit. Master the kick that way you can take down those tough guards

City: Secret and coins:
In the City, chapter 2, after knocking the man who throws the barrels at you 
off the tower, charge him again to get the Idol. Then, karate jump kick him 
as you did with spiders to get a secret and some coins.

Jumping Through Walls:
To jump through walls, you must have a cliff, ledge or something else 
high up that you can climb up to. When you are on top of the cliff/ledge
etc, charge jump to the Kuzco door or any other closed door to fly through
the wall. If you are too close to the edge of the cliff/ledge etc, you 
might fall of a cliff (if there are any) and lose a life. Sometimes, you 
might just his the wall and fll back to the ground or onto the door's 
frame. If you are placed in the right position, you will fly through the

Beating the Jaguars Easy:
If you wanna beat the jaguar race a diffent way, heres how: 
At the start of the race, use your hand closest to the space bar to charge,
then before you get to the first narrow path switch hands (so they're crossed
over each other) and use the former charge hand to direct. When one hand gets
tired switch so they cross/uncross and continue this way. 
I got through that way; easy as it could get. Be careful though, when the 
jaguars gain on you it's nearly impossible to get ahead again.

Infinite Wompies:
Play through a level until you collect a Wompie, then exit to map select 
the level you were playing and you will have your previous Wompie and be 
able to collect another. can be used infinitlely.

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