Their Finest Hour - The Battle Of Britain Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Their Finest Hour - The Battle Of Britain 
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 Their Finest Hour - The Battle Of Britain Cheats

Their Finest Hour - The Battle Of Britain

Fighter ace:
Here's an easy way to create a British fighter ace. Using the
mission builder create a mission with six BF-109s on one runway
and six on another runway nearby but only to thell them where 
to take off and land and don't give them anywhere to fly to. 
Fly in a Spitfire MkII and start the mission near the runways.
Strafe the planes on the ground. Destroy them all. Return to 
base and you should get 152 points. Repeat this milrun mission 
10 times and you get all the medals and should be promoted to
Group Captain.

Easy bombing with a Stuka:
Fly at an altitude of only 5 feet above the ground with your landing
gear out to prevent crashing. Just before crashing into your target,
drop your bombs then pull back on the Mouse or Joystick and raise your
landing gear. If done correctly, you should have destroyed your target.
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