The Legend of Zelda - The Lampshade of no real significance Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Legend of Zelda - The Lampshade of no real significance 
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 The Legend of Zelda - The Lampshade of no real significance Cheats

The Legend of Zelda -  The Lampshade of no real significance

-Pull the plug out of the evil lamp and pick up the small lamp which 
 will appear afterwards, climb up the ladder
-Walk straight on till you reach the guard to the palace. He'll give 
 you a bag of money to get him food
-Walk back down, McDonalds will have sold their last burger, give the 
 money to the person in the house in the bottom right corner of the 
 map. Pick up his hair spray
-Give this to the person sitting in McDonalds, they'll give you an iron. 
 Go to the graveyard which iss in the bottom right corner, past the house 
 with the guy asleep outside it. Give the iron to the person digging a grave 
 and take his vase. Now go right two screens to where you first started and 
 give the vase to the person standing at the well. He'll hand you a frog. 
-Common mistake with the frog is to take it to the person standing at the 
 edge of the lake. You should instead take it to Snake who's standing next 
 to the NG headquarters who wants to eat it. In return he'll give you face 
 paints. Take these to kirby. 
-Kirby will give you a tazer, you should use this on the person asleep outside 
 the house from before. He'll move out the way, go inside and take his 
-Go back to the graveyeard and give the lightgun to Dante. He'll offer you his 
 shovel which you should use to dig up the body in the freshly dug grave. 
-Take the fresh stiff to McDonalds and give it to the worker. He'll complement
 you on the quality of the meat and cook you up a nice big burger. 
-Take the burger to the guard who'll eat it and fall over quite poisoned! 
-Walk up to the palace and place the lampshade on the stool, completing the 
feng shui of the place
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