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 The Longest Journey Cheats

The Longest Journey

Book Of Secrets:
Normally, you need to complete the game to unlock the "Book of Secrets".
However, you can get into it much earlier than that. In Chapter 4, after
getting out of the inn, go to Abnaxus's house on the City Green. Just in
front of the staircase is a flower bed. Use the organic plastic (from 
the Border House, second floor) in the flower bed. 
The Book of Secrets is now open nine chapters early.

* April's diary isn't just there to add depth to the game always read the
  latest entry for hints about what you have to do next. 

* While you're in Arcadia, don't be surprised if the inventory item you 
  have to use to make something happen is your pal Crow. 

* Sometimes an inventory item contains another inventory item. For example,
  the toy monkey that you'll need to solve the theater puzzle earlier in 
  the game has a glass eye that you'll need much later once you're inside
  the police station. 

* One of the most difficult puzzles in the game involves setting up the 
  telephone to wake the sleeping giant. Make it easier on yourself by 
  going to the big head at the base of the mountain to learn the symbols
  associated with each statue transmitter. Then set up the transmitters 
  so that the ones with the appropriate symbols are "talking" and 
  "listening" to each other.

Book of Secrets:
* You could receive access to the book of secrets early in the game.
* In chapter 1 as you leave your room take a leaf from the plant in 
  the corridor, then in chapter 4 go to Abnaxus home and plant the leaf
  at his garden and you could access the book of secrets from the main 

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