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 The Making Of A Prophet Cheats

The Making Of A Prophet

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat mode:
Press the indicated keys at the listed screen to 
activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                       Screen                        Code
Scene select               - Highlight/saved game slot - S
Editor                     - Main menu                 - [Ctrl]+M
Restore default characters - Editing screen            - [Ctrl]+R
All miracles               - Game play                 - M + R
Fill health meter          - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[F1]
Fill mind meter            - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[F2]
Fill soul meter            - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[F3]
Automatically go to trial  - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[End]
Change time of day         - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[Minus]or[Plus]
Change angle of the sun    - Game play                 - Hold [Alt]+[Backspace]

Come down from the cross:
Hold the "Meditation" command with positive spiritual energy. 

Come back to life:
Hold the "Meditation" command with positive spiritual energy. 

Activate an evil power:
Meditate for a sufficiently long time with negative spiritual energy. 

Increase spiritual energy:
Stand near Satan. 

Effective prayers:
Pray in the vicinity of a Muslim. 

Increase spiritual energy:
Carry a cross to increase your spiritual energy (at the expense of health). 

Improve mental health:
Carry money to improve your mental health (at the expense of spiritual energy). 

Have a family:
Hug the opposite sex. 

Eat any object:
Activate the "Nourishment" power to eat any object for sustenance. 

Shoot objects from your hands:
Activate the "Manifestation" power to shoot objects out of your hand. 

Saving energy:
Converting an existing item into something else is half as demanding as creating
a fresh one. 

Raise other characters:
Activate the "Weightlessness" power to raise up other characters. 

Push other characters:
Activate the "Speed" power to push other characters away. 

Activate the "Levitation" power to fly with the Manipulation command. 

Clone other characters:
Activate the appearance powers to clone other characters. 

Remove arrest warrants:
Change your appearance to remove arrest warrants from all areas except the 
one you are in.

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