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  Hints and Tips for: The Mystery Of The Mummy 
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 The Mystery Of The Mummy Cheats

The Mystery Of The Mummy

Level 1-Item locations:
First door key - Click on the sphinx to your right when you first enter. 
When the panel comes up, the numbers to put in are OK:2200, MK:1650, 
NK:1069, LD:332. 

Anubis Medallion - In first room, in the plant on opposite side of stairs 
when you first come in. 

Hammer - In the tool box next to mummy in the second room. 

Screwdriver - In the tool box next to mummy in the second room. 

Oil Can - In the tool box next to mummy in the second room. 

Tie Pin - Under the seat next to the right door when you first walk into the room. 

Large and Small Gears - In the box in the room with the big mirror in it. 

Level 2: Item locations:
First Book - To the right when you first come in. 

Important Documents - On the table in middle of library. 
Note: Match the colors of the books to find the other books and finally find 
the key which you use to unlock the upstairs door. 

Fork - Under the carpet in the hall. 

Pipe Cleaner - On the pipe shelf in the first room. 

Soap - In the bathroom. 

False Register - In the torn up study room next to door. Note: Use the soap on the 
lock, put the fake register under the door, then use the pipe cleaner to gain entry 
into the room. 

Red Cane - Take the fork and use it on the crack in the painting in the torn up study. 

Bag of tile pieces for the desk table - Use the cane on the lion in the first room you 
see when you first exit the library. 

Cane - Use the tiles on the desk and use the paper to tell you the order you need to 
click on the table. 

Gold Scarab - Look up and use the cane on the fan switch. Note: Use the Gold Scarab 
on the desk in the torn up study then go up to the door. Click on the device to the 
right then click on the tiles in the following directions. 
For example, "up" indicates that you must click the tile above the current empty space. 
Click left, up, left, down, left, up, up, right, down, left, up, right, up, left, down, 
right, right, up, left, down, right, right, up left down, left, left, down, down. 
right, up, up, left, down, right, right, right, up, up, left, left, down, down, right, 
right, up, up, left, down, left, left, up, right, right, right, down, left, up, left, 
left. down.

Level 3: Item locations:
Box of matches: When you first enter, turn left and pick them off the upper 
left corner of the table. 
Water flask: To the right of the dinner plate on the table. 
Hammer: In the middle of the wine casks in the space between. 
The hammer is used to open the trap door under sleeping cot. 
Anubis statue: In the trap door under the cot. 
Various bottles of alcohol: Look up and down all the shelves and click on them one by one. 
Note: You will also find a stick in one of those slots. 
Second stick: At the foot of the stoned up door 
Empty bottle: In the rack in the middle of the room 
Rags (two): One in the middle of each side of the floor rack 
Torches: Combine the rags with the sticks. Put gin on both. When you open the door then 
light the torch. 

Level 3: Answer to the first two conundrums:
On the shelf with the various impressions, the order from left to right are: Bordeaux, Bourgogne, 
Touraine, Spain wine. This will reveal a slider puzzle which you must exit immediately. It is 
timed. The order to use is the order clicked from the direction of the empty space: up, left, left, 
down, down, right, up, up, left, down, right, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, up then 
click on the button in the middle and light the torch. Go through the door but only light one. 
You will find yourself in a laboratory. Your torch will stay lit for a limited amount of time. 
However, if it dies out you can combine the second stick and rag in your inventory with gin and 
matches to make another torch. Immediately to your right as you enter the laboratory is a small 
pot on the ground against a cabinet. Use your hammer on the pot to find a key. Walk up to the desk 
to the right of the entrance. Take the key from the box. Move along the desk. Take the document 
lying to the middle of the desk. Also, take a look at the notebook next to the document. You can 
also examine the container of Laudanum. Turning around at the spot where you find the documents, 
you can find a study on reincarnation. After examining the study, walk around the table at the 
center of the room. When you get to the other side, you will be able to click on a location near 
the center of the table. It has the following note: 

D = Clock Wise 
S = Anti Clock Wise 
At the same time or you will be dead. 

Turn around and examine the cabinet with the broken glass. Take a look at the books inside the 
cabinet. Sherlock Holmes will comment that the books are about mysticism. After you examine the 
books, look for a location to your left on the ground where you can go forward. Click on this spot 
and you will be able to look underneath the table. Take the oil flask you will find underneath the 
table. Walk up to the desk at the far end of the table. There are four notes scattered on this 
table that will give you some insight into the investigation. You can also click on one of the 
two books to read some information about the curses cast upon those who would dare defile a 
pharaoh's tomb. The second book will have information about the primary elements and their symbolic 
representations. Once you are done reading through the notes and the books, click on the chair in 
front of the table. Sherlock Holmes will pick up the chair. Turn around and find the interactive 
spot on the left side of the table. Drop the chair here and climb on top of it. Sherlock Holmes 
will be able to reach the opening on the wall and take the key. Now that you have both of the keys, 
ake another look at the desk where you found the notes and the books. There is a locked drawer. 
Click on the interactive spot to take a closer look. Put the key with a "G" inscribed on it into 
the slot to the right. Click on the key with a "C" inscribed on it into the slot to the left. 
lick on the arrow pointing clockwise on the right side. Click on the arrow pointing counter-
clockwise on the left side. Finally, click on the turn button. Sherlock Holmes will open the 
drawer and find a statuette. Click on the document inside the drawer. Walk up to the door on 
the right side of the desk. You can find a pile of sand on the floor here. Click on it to add 
it to your inventory. Walk up to the door on the other side. Use your oil flask on the door. 
The key you found by crashing a pot will unlock this door. Go inside to a room with many 
artifacts and five small pillars. On the opposite side of the room from the entrance, take the 
oil lamp on the floor. Across from the wall where you find the oil lamp, you will find an oil 
flask. Remember, one of the notes found at a desk in the laboratory mentioned ancient symbols 
used to depict prime elements like fire and water. 

The document pointed out that: 
Water was typically illustrated as a droplet or waves. 
The ground was depicted as a tree or a triangle. 
Fire was drawn as a flame. 
Air was drawn as a whirlwind. 

Put this information to use in order to solve the puzzle in the restoration room. Note the five 
small pillars scattered around the room. There is one in each corner and one at the center. The 
four pillars at the corners have symbols on them. These symbols are your guide to solving the 
Walk up to the pillar with a red flame symbol. Use your matchbook on the opening at the top. 
Go to the pillar with a water droplet symbol. Use your water jug on the opening at the top. 
Go to the pillar with a whirlwind symbol. Place the empty bottle on the opening at the top. The 
idea is that the empty bottle contains air. 
Walk up to the pillar with a triangle symbol. Use the sand in your inventory on the opening at the 
Once you place the items to represent all four elements, a panel will open up next to the entrance. 
Click on this area to start another puzzle. The puzzle gives the hint: 

Five fingers in one hand.
One is cut but still present.
The last will be the first. 

The idea is to take the four stone circles and place them in the correct position. Once again, one 
of the articles from the laboratory provides the hint. At the desk along the right wall of the 
laboratory, there was an article about the Indian caste system. The document pointed out that: 

Brahman is the highest caste 
Ksatriya is the second caste. 
Vaisya is the third caste. 
Sudra is the fourth caste. 

The information on the castes can be used to solve the puzzle. Just put the letters in the order 
of the castes starting with the lowest. The solution is: 

Put the S in the first slot from the left. 
Put the V in the second slot. 
Put the K in the third slot. 

The fire pillar will move aside and reveal an opening. The stone circle inscribed with the letter 
"B" will remain in Sherlock Holmes' inventory. Walk up to the opening on the ground. You will find 
a third Anubis statuette inside. You can now leave this storage room. The locked door on the right 
side of the desk inside the laboratory is now open. Go through the door into the new area. You 
should be in a room with four statues along the walls. The floor of the room will move every time 
Sherlock Holmes takes a step. Follow these instructions to get to the door on the other side: 

Face the two statues on the far side of the room. Move forward once. 
You will end up next to two of the statues. Click on both of them. 
Face the statues on the far side again. Move forward once. 
You will now be next to the wall with two chains. Turn around and face the wall on the opposite 
side. Move forward once. 

You should now be next to the remaining two statues. Click on both of them. A panel will open next 
to the entrance. Ignore it for now. 
Face the wall with two statues opposite from you. Move forward once. 
Face the wall with the chains. Move forward once. You will arrive at the center of the room. 
Face the statues next to the entrance door. Move forward once. You will finally get to the door on 
the opposite side of the entrance. Click on the inscription on the door to take a closer look. In 
order to answer the riddle, you need to go back to the room with the five pillars. 
Move forward twice to return to the entrance of the room with the moving floor. 
Before you leave, take a fourth Anubis statuette from the opening on the floor. Return to the pillar 
room. Sherlock is now able to put an object inside the center pillar. Use the stone with the "B" 
inscription on the opening at the top of the pillar. Go back to the room with the moving floor. 
Retrace your steps to get to the door on the opposite side. Turn right and walk up to the water tub 
and the two buckets. Click on the tub to start the puzzle. You have a five liter bucket and a three 
liter bucket. The goal is to fill the five liter bucket with four liters of water and put it on the 
rock to the left of the tub. You can use the following solution. 
Fill your three liter bucket with water. Empty it into the five liter bucket. 
Fill your three liter bucket with water again. Now transfer as much water as possible to the five 
liter bucket. 
This will leave five liters of water in the large bucket and one liter of water in the small bucket. 
Empty your five liter bucket by using the drain on the right. 
Transfer the one liter of water from the three liter bucket to the five liter bucket. 
Fill your three liter bucket from the tub one last time. 
Transfer the three liters of water from the small bucket to the large bucket. 
Now the large bucket has four liters of water. Put it on top of the rock to the right. 
Turn around and look at the newly raised pedestal. Place your four Anubis statuettes around the corners. 
Save the game before placing the fourth statuette as the next section has a time limit. When you place 
the fourth statuette, an intermission sequence will begin.

Level 4:
There is a time limit so you will have to do the first part very quickly. Turn around and take the 
bucket to the left of the tub. There is a scorpion at your feet. Use the bucket to trap the scorpion. 
Take the second bucket on the right side of the tub. Walk up to Parkey's corpse. Take the bag on the 
ground. Instead of leaving the room, turn to the right and move forward once. You will end up in front 
of a second scorpion. Use the second bucket to cover it. Take the wooden plank on the floor next to 
the bucket. Now leave through the door. You are back in the moving floor room. Unfortunately, the room 
is now demolished. Open your inventory to take a look at Parkey's bag. Sherlock Holmes will find an 
envelope. Click on the envelope to reveal a letter. Use the wooden plank on the interactive spot to your 
right. Walk across the plan and you will end up in front of one of the four statues. Take the geared wheel 
at the statue's feet. Take the chains from the wall to your left. Walk back to the entrance. Face the 
center of the room and move forward once. There is a interactive spot on the ceiling. Use the chain 
here. Turn around and face the opening on the wall. Click here and Sherlock Holmes will use the chain 
to leap across. You are back at the wine cellar. Take lantern from the table. Turn around and face the 
wine kegs next to the sealed doorway. Take the brush that is sitting on one of these wine kegs. Move 
away from the table and towards the kegs once. One of the wine kegs here has a interactive spot. Click 
on it to pour out gunpowder. Use the bag you found next to Parkey's corpse to gather the gunpowder. Walk 
by the pile of broken wine bottles. You can pick up one of them. Face the sealed up doorway. Use your 
newly found brush on the stone at the top of the doorway. You will be able to remove the dust and see 
the number three. To solve the puzzle, start with the stone at the bottom right. Working your way 
counter-clockwise, click on every third stone. Make sure you include the stone with "3" inscribed on 
it when counting. When you press all of the correct stones, you will be able to go through the doorway. 
You will find yourself at the entrance of the manor, where the game started. Move forward once to stand 
in front of the chandelier. Use your lantern on the chandelier's only lit candle. Walk back to the coffee 
table near the entrance. Click on the quill on the table. Read the note on the floor in front of the table. 
Walk up the first set of stairs. Before continuing onto the second floor, note the interactive spot on 
the wall. Click on it to reveal three levers. We will need a hint to tell us the correct positioning for 
the levers. Turn to your right and look at the first step of the second set of stairs. There is a 
hairpin on this step. Put it in your inventory. Walk up to the mirrored cabinet to the right of the 
manor entrance. Use your hairpin on the interactive spot near the center of the cabinet. Initially, 
you will not be able to read the document. Take it to the chandelier where we lit the lantern earlier. 
Using the document on the chandelier will allow you to read it. Use the document as a hint to arrange 
the three levers: 

Move all three levers down. Start with the lever on the left and continue to the right. 
Move the middle lever up twice. 
Move the left lever up once. 
Move the right lever up once. 

When you solve the puzzle, the red lights will fade. You can now go up the stairs to the second floor. 
Once you arrive at the second floor landing, turn left and continue down the hallway. You will 
eventually get to a door. Open it to reveal wall with a groove. Since you solved the lever puzzle, you 
will be able to walk through to the next area. You will be back at the corridor explored earlier. Turn 
left and click on the painting on the floor. Click again to view a hidden message. Turn around and click 
on a second painting on the floor. This painting also has a hidden message. You will also find a piece 
of cloth on the wall next to the second painting. Put it in your inventory. Walk all the way to the 
opposite end of the corridor. There is another painting on the ground here next to the living room 
door. Click on it to reveal the last hidden message. The bedroom is inaccessible and the bathroom is 
locked. Continue the investigation in the living room. Save the game before entering the living room. 
Sherlock Holmes can only stay here for a limited amount of time. If you are running out of time, return 
to the corridor and start again. Once you are in the living room, extend the amount of time you can 
spend inside. Walk up to the curtains on the right side of the room. There should be two sets of curtains 
on either side of a door. Look at the curtain on the right side of the door. There is a interactive spot 
near the ground. Use the broken bottle from your inventory to cut a piece of cloth. Now that Sherlock 
Holmes can breathe better, walk to the fireplace where the lion trophy used to hang. The trophy is now 
on the floor and there is a spearhead close to it on the left side of the head. Take the spearhead and 
turn towards sofa inside the room. Note the shield hanging from the wall above the sofa. Click on it 
to start a puzzle. The notes found in the corridor provide the solution. In order to answer the question, 
you will have to decode the encrypted message. The letters in each note have been scrambled. The ankh 
symbols at the bottom reveal the correct number of letters in each word of the decoded message. In 
order to decode the message, read the scrambled letters in a specific order. Note that the scrambled 
letters are grouped into different words. Start by reading the first letter of each word. For the 
first encrypted message, this spells out "YOUWI". Note that the ankhs point out that the first word 
of the first message should have three letters, so you actually end up with "YOU WI". Read the second 
letter of each word. The phrase will become "YOU WILL FIN". Continuing in this fashion, you can decode 
both messages. 

The first message is: You will find if you cut 
The second message is: Under the religion the place shines 

Enter these messages into the puzzle exactly as illustrated by the ankh symbols. Once you enter the 
message correctly, back away from the puzzle and click on it again to reveal a hidden picture. The 
picture is showing an "X" on a spot next to the family tree. Turn around and walk up to the family 
tree painting. Note the small hole on the wall next to the painting. Use the spear in your inventory 
to cut an opening. Take the three weights, a key, and a document from the opening. It is time to go 
back to the study. After exiting the living room, you must turn left and move forward once. The door 
to your right will be the study. When you enter the study, note the clock hanging from the wall to the 
right of the entrance. Click on the clock to take a closer look. 
Use the geared wheel found at the feet of a statue in the moving floor room. Sherlock Holmes will 
place the gear in its appropriate position on the clock. 
Next, attach the hooks in your inventory to the strings at the bottom of the clock. 
Now attach the weights at the end of the hooks. Attach the yellow weight to the left. 
Put the blue weight in the middle. Place the gray weight to the right. 
The clock will open up. Use the key to wind it. The clock will start functioning. 
Walk up to the small opening to the right of the room. Use your bag of gunpowder on the lock. 
Use your lit lantern on the gunpowder bag. An intermission sequence will start. 

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