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  Hints and Tips for: The Scrapper 
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 The Scrapper Cheats

The Scrapper

Submitted by: RM

* After the opening sequences and you find yourself in the garage/workshop, 
  zoom in on the pipe thing directly ahead of you. By clicking around it you 
  should be able to find the head of a welding torch.

* Navigate around to your right until you can see the gas canisters. Zoom in
  and then fit the head of the welding torch onto the canisters.

* By dragging and clicking the welding torch you should be able to melt the 
  two bars of the cage in front of you. Replace the welding torch when 

* Enter the cage and get the torch. Focus in on it and click the switch to 
  turn it on.

* Come out of the cage and turn around and then enter the open container.

* With the torch on examine the trapdoor at the rear of the container. 
  Collect the phone.

* Navigate around until your facing the metal crates behind the scrapper’s 
  arm. Zoom in under the crate and with the torch on and highlighted you 
  should find a pulley wheel with a little compartment fitted to it.

* Navigate around until you’re facing the door by the roller-doors and then 
  look under the crates here too. You should find an electrical connector.

* Highlight the phone and then connect the electrical connector to it.

* Zoom in on the keypad thing by the roller doors. Fit the phone and connector
  into the insert. Click the enter button.

* Hit the number 8 on the keypad of the phone and watch the animation.

* Navigate out until you can zoom in on the pulley wire that’s been dropped 
  from the ceiling. Take the pulley wheel you collected earlier and attach 
  it to the wire.

* Go back to the phone key pad and click the number 2. Watch the pulley be 
  taken away out of the window. Then click the number 8 to make it return.

* Collect the phone and then go back to the pulley to retrieve the wheel. Open 
  the compartment to collect a memory card.

* Highlight the phone and then click it to remove the connector. Click along 
  the side to open the memory slot and then insert the memory card.

* Click on the screen of the phone to watch the animation. Look at the clue in 
  the map at the end of the video sequence.

* Navigate to this position, just beside the open container and have a search 
  in the bin there. Eventually you’ll find a spanner.

* Navigate back to the piece of pipe by the roller doors. Use the spanner to 
  remove the three remaining nuts. Open it and get the silver key. 

* Navigate round to the ‘scrapper’ and climb the ladder to the cab. Use the 
  silver key on the door and watch the animation. 

* Come back down from the cab and climb the ladder to the top of the container. 
  Then climb up to the platform. Turn right and climb down the ladder to the 
  other side of the crates.

* Face the granite blocks and then navigate around until you’re looking behind 
  the end of them. Use the torch to find a crowbar.

* Examine all of the granite blocks until you spot one that has the figurine of 
  the man hidden in it. Use the crowbar to dig this out. Highlight it and click 
  it to reveal a red key, and then highlight and click this red key to reveal 
  a USB stick.

* Go back up the ladder and get back on top of the container. Turn left and focus 
  in on the bent area of the roof in the corner. Use the crowbar to bend this 
  even further to reveal a blue key.

* Move back until you’re facing the big silver machine. Use the blue key on the 
  four locks, one in each corner. 

* Focus in on the screen and insert the red USB pen into the slot.

* The machine now needs a code. If you have examined the diary that you’ve had 
  in your possession since the beginning of the game you will have noticed the 
  first page links to another site on the web.

* You will see the code ‘New York Beat’ under the gallery link on the bottom 
  of this page.

* Enter the code, click the ok and push buttons and watch the final animation 

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