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  Hints and Tips for: The Shield 
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 The Shield Cheats

The Shield

Lemonhead bonus level:
At the last mission, where Vic and Shane are in the hotel room with Hagop,
when they give three options (to either kill or arrest Hagop, or take his 
bribe). Kill him. Assuming that there are no other conditions, after a few
intermission sequences, Lemonhead will be featured in a new cutscene wanting
back in. This will lead to a new, but short level featuring the Strike Team 
(Shane Vendrell, Ronnie Gardocki, and Curtis Lemansky a.k.a. Lemonhead).

Extra weapons:
After completing the game, go to the options menu. Turn up the volume and 
all other options. Complete the game again, with everything up and you will
get many different types of weapons to choose from. Go into your options 
and choose a weapon.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus. 
Bonus 1: Complete optional objective to take suspect to Claudette's desk 
         after talking to Julien on your second visit to the Barn. 
Bonus 2: Complete optional objective to find Carl's hidden stash on the 
         pile of clothes in the corner of his bedroom on your first visit 
         to Carl's apartment. 
Bonus 3: Complete optional objective to return runaway suspect to Danny 
         when you visit Lago apartments after arresting Ruben Diaz. 
Bonus 4: Complete optional objective to arrest the two drug dealers after 
         unlocking Bonus 3. 
Bonus 5: Complete optional objective of escorting Jed to Danny after 
         interrogating him to find out where Antwon Watts is found. 
Bonus 6: Complete optional objective to arrest the three punks robbing 
         Jed's apartment after unlocking Bonus 5. 
Bonus 7: Complete optional objective to find stolen police issue shotgun 
         while searching the tenement building. 
Bonus 8: Complete optional objective to find six crack cocaine stashes 
         while searching tenement building. 
Bonus 9: Complete optional objective to recover surveillance tape from 
         Stone's pawn shop. 
Bonus 10: Complete optional objective to find four pieces of additional 
          evidence against the Armenian Might while searching the room 
          containing the MP5s. 
Bonus 11: Complete optional objective to rescue the hostage while searching 
          the Sierra Hotel for Hagop. 
Bonus 12: Take bribe from Hagop at end game choice. 
Bonus 13: Arrest Hagop at end game choice. 
Bonus 14: Kill Hagop at end game choice. 
Bonus 15: Arrest a large number of suspects on Normal or Hard difficulty. 
Bonus 17: When in the tenement building beat up the unarmed junkie found after 
          the crawlspace using only your fists under the Normal or Hard difficulty. 
Bonus 18: Keep putting coins into the machines found at Harry Palm's porn shop 
          under the Hard difficulty. Note: This may not work during your first visit. 
Bonus 19: Successfully search a large number of possible contraband hiding places 
          (cupboards, drawers, etc.) under the Normal or Hard difficulty. 
Bonus 20: Successfully search a large number of suspects (alive or dead) under the 
          Normal or Hard difficulty. 
Bonuses 21 and 22: Complete the game under the Hard difficulty. 
Bonuses 23, 24 and 25: Complete the game.

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