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  Hints and Tips for: The Sims - Complete Collection 
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 The Sims - Complete Collection Cheats

The Sims - Complete Collection

Cheats Codes:
Submitted by: RM

With all the various compilations released and all the changes of the 
cheat codes a list of codes with the respective explanations is available. 
To bring up the console all you need to do is press at the same time the 
following three keys: CTRL SHIFT ALT and C. 
All that’s left for you to do is type in the codes.

Code                  Result
ASSERT              - Force assert to test
AUTONMY             - Let's the sims think on their own (0-100)
BUBBLE_TWEAK        - Set thought bubble z offset
CAM_MODE            - Camera Toggle
DEBUG_SOCIAL        - Show social dialogue choices
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON  - Draw all frames
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF  - Disable floor grid
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON   - Enable floor grid
DRAW_ORIGINS        - Show person's origin
DRAW_ROUTES OFF     - Show people's Route off
DRAW_ROUTES ON      - Show person's route
DUMP_HAPPY          - Send person's recent interactions to file
DUMP_MC             - Send person's motive contribution curve to a file
EDIT CHAR           - Create a character mode
EDIT_GRASS          - Make grass change value
GROW GRASS          - make the grass tall or short (0-150)
HIST_ADD            - Add new family history stat to family
HISTORY             - Save family history file
HTML                - Web page creation toggle
IMPORT              - Import Family file
INTERESTS           - It will let you change your personalities and interests
KLAPAUCIUS          - Gives you 1000 simleons (does not work in Version 1.1)
LOG MASK            - Event logging mask set
LOT SIZE            - Set lot size
MANSION             - The Best House
MAP EDIT OFF        - Self explanatory off
MAP EDIT ON         - Self explanatory on
MOVE_OBJECTS        - Move any object
MUSIC               - Music toggle
PREPARE_LOT         - Fix required lot objects
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF   - Preview animations off
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON    - Preview animations on
RELOAD_PEOPLE       - Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
ROTATION            - Rotate camera
ROUTE BALOONS OFF   - Disable basic tutorial
ROUTE BALOONS ON    - Enable basic tutorial
SET HOUR (1-24)     - set the time you want to get up
SETSPEED - from     - 1000 to +1000
SIM_LIMIT           - Set max milliseconds for simulator
SIM_LOG BEGIN       - Start sim logging
SIM_LOG END         - Stop sim logging
SOUND               - Sound toggle
SWEEP OFF           - Disable ticks
SWEEP ON            - Enable ticks
TILE INFO OFF       - Hide tile info
TILE INFO ON        - Show tile info
VISITOR_CONTROL     - Toggle to control visitors with keyboard
WATER TOOL          - You can put water around your home
ROSEBUD             – The new code for 1000 simleons
PIPPYBOWWOW         – Pet’s Tricks, Loyalty, Obedience to Full (install The Sims: Unleashed)
PLUGH               – Say "Plugh"

Full Stats:
To get your Sim's stats full first push shift ctrl c. Then type in move_objects on. 
Use the hand tool and click on your Sim than press delete. Your Sim will disappear. 
As you click on the Sim's picture it will reappear with full stats.

More $:
Ok. Click PAUSE,press SHIFT,ctrl,and c all at the same time.ok,your off to a good 
start,you type in 'rosebud'.press,do it all over a gain but this time,type 
in !'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!!'!'!'!'!'!' and the more you type that in,the more $ you have.

To get ALL personality bars full, when you are creating your sim, don't give them ANY personality 
points in any of them, give them zero points, when you move them into their house, make them make 
potions until you get the yellow one, the yellow is permanently reversed personalities, so, you 
have all the personality points fulfilled.

Submitted by: Brooke

pull up the alt, ctrl,c bar. then type in move_objects_on.
then when you play ur game if ur person is sad or has bad personality you can pause it delete 
your person. Log out of your house (save it!!) and log back in. Your sim will be as good as new!!

Burgular arrives and you have no alarm:
Wait until the burgular has exited the house and you can click build mode then simply build
a wall around him and call the police when they arrive undo the walls(if you dont have enough
money then move your furniture around him) its great.

Genie Earning:
Go into buy mode and go to miscellaneous (The unshaded circles) Go to the "+" and you should
see a genie lamp somewhere. Buy one for §375 and put it on the table. If you are an adult rub
it and a genie will pop out. He might ask "money or love" or he might ask work or play. Answer
with the one most likely to get a good object that will sell for lots.

A whole bunch of random Cheats:
Submitted by: Dinosourery

Santa: Make a small room without a door. Put a Christmas tree a fire place and cookies. 
Over night a skinny santa will come and give you a present.

Money: Press shift control c and type rosebud ; ; ; ; ;

Drew Carey: Throw a party 9 or 10 times and drew carey will come in his limo.

easy love: Buy a dimond ring in old town or down town. Give to the person your sims wants to love. 
And bang! LOVE! NOTE:You may have to buy a couple to get to 

Free magic ingredients: Go to a a sop vendor in magic town and click on them and press talk. 
They will give you a job and when completed they will give you very cool items

Move_objects on: If you do the shift control c and type move_objects on you can move objects 


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