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  Hints and Tips for: They Are Billions 
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 They Are Billions Cheats

They Are Billions

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Sleezy Cabbage

An assortment of tips, tricks, concepts, ideas, and strategies that i have 
used so far to play and win as efficiently and orderly as possible.

-=Grab Bag Time=-
This being just one big assortment of items, i tried in my short time to figure 
out how best to organize all of the info. These are things ive learned, with a 
majority of them ebing stuff i dont see or hear other players or youtubers 
talking about at all, and they really helped me dominate the game so far.

Use the starting troops to scout around and kind of mark your boundaries according 
to the positions of the hordes. Try to explore into the hordes if you feel like 
a choke point is just out of vision. 

Youd be surprised how well rangers perform within hordes, they are fast and can 
usually get in and out unscathed, if you macro them. This is extremely useful for
grabbing resources lying on the ground within a lingering mob of zombies. 

Intelligenece concerning your surrounding area is vital, because you can make a 
huge fortification mid game, negating the possible space or fertile land and 
resources on the other side of the wall, only to find out later that there is a 
choke only a few tiles out of vision to secure that whole area. 

So you have 5 units, and 7 choke points? Use the patrol feature to have 1 unit 
patrol two chokes. So you have several chokes all really close together? use 
multiple units to patrol the chokes, with the patrol paths overlapping in some 
areas for added security. 

Doom Villages can be taken out easily by a sniper, just as long as the sniper 
is in a tower, or has enough support from turrets or extra units to destroy 
the buildings. Thanatos work well too but snipers can be made a lot earlier. 

If you want to win the final day, you need the Thanatos Unit, i personally only
use this guy compared to Titans and lucifers. He is the only unit with actual 
real splash damage, and if you can get 4 of them on a wall, they can stop a horde
in their tracks, by them selves. Which makes them vital on the last day. i stock 
pile 30 of them (thats 3 oil platforms) and place atleast 3 at each wall, then 
move them around as the horde thickens among different walls. 

Always try to stay on top of your resources, wasting time waiting to get enough 
stone as your gold or wood is full, is the worst thing to have happen, since 
those are resources are still being produced, and if your storage is full, 
youre just burning it up. Build resource buildings in advance as often as you 
can to avoid all of this. 

Stack walls where ever possible. If you have gold and stone lying around, add 
in small, 1 thick walls with gates throughout your colony to serve as fall back 
points. These can entirely stop game wipes by not allowing the infected that 
multiply within your buildings from reaching any more. Think Attack On Titan. 

Always be as strategic as possible when placing resource buildings, even though 
a sawmill says it can get 10 wood when placed at the center of a forest, you 
can place 2 instead, at either end, and rake in 8 wood each, making you 16 wood
 off the same forest instead. 

The same thing mentioned above applies for all resource buildings. 
Especially quarrys. 

Dont ever get the mayor that gives you 1 Lucifer. Always get the 3 soldiers or 
whatever the other guy offers instead.

How to Beat the Fourth Map on 100 Days:
Written by Zero

In this guide we briefly set aside our massochism and learn to beat the fourth map.

-=General Stuff=-
Some basic/advanced tips I can give right from the get go.

If your starting position has little to no trees restart. 70% of the game is map gen. 
You need lots and lots of trees, grass is optional. 

Tying in with 1 food is everything on this map. You will be starved of food sources 
and need to expand constantly. I would say any hunter cottages that give 5+ food is 
worth taking. 

Never use your soldier. The noise he makes defending a wall will attract huge amounts 
of zombies. In my first attempt at map 4 I used him to defend a wall and by day 9 i 
got hit by a random wave of 100+ zombies. 

Hopefully you know this by now but HOUSES, HOUSES, HOUSES. You need to be repeating 
the cycle of make food, make power, make houses every chance you get. 
(unless makingsnipers or thanatos in which case you need workers and food) 

Before the first wave you need to have 10-20 rangers. you wont need ballistas at most 
just a double wood wall. 

In my experience you dont need stone walls for the first 4 waves really, making double 
and triple wood walls is enough. 

You need to be constantly clearing zombies around the map from day 2. This means 
putting your 4 archers into 2 groups of 2 and having them constantly killing zombies
(this means heavy micro especially if runners are pulled). Expanding is everything 
and the longer you wait to start clearing the slower you go. Point 8 ties into this. 

With point 7 your archers most likely wont be able to cover all sides of your base 
so put random wall segments, zombies will attack those first instead of your 
buildings if they see them first. This will give you time to react. 

Kill your soldier to open up food and income. Seriously, if you need to use your 
soldier you have probably already lost. 

Try and get your soldier center up by day 5-6 if possible. 
Afterwards once you have enough rangers get your stone workshop up. 

You dont need to have a ballista at every wall. The walls you should have a 
ballista at are... Big wall segments and walls that have a city of doom near them. 
Other then that dont rush it and do it at your own pace. Until wave 5 your rangers/
snipers should be fine for defense(if you can get ballistas up tho by all means do) 
Otherwise just put a ranger patrolling your walls. 

As a general guide for population you wont have nearly as many citizens are the 
other maps due to the nature of this one. it took me until around day 25-30ish to 
have an income of 1000, by day 60ish i had an income of around 1700. 

Pick up any wood that is 10+ any stone that is 4+ (3+ if you are desperate), 
any iron that is 3+ preferably. 

Pre plan your housing districts to have space in the center for a bank and market. 

You only need 1 warehouse. Workers are a big resource due to food and your 
warehouses take up 8 of them. If you have multiple areas that produce a ton of 
food you can probably do multiple but I dont know the math on that one. 
I beat the map with 1 warehouse though. 

On this map especially you will find yourself with not enough workers to do 
anything but you will have tons of wood and gold, when this happens build more 
wall layers. 

Donít use gates, this might feel weird but gates are zombie magnets, in my 
experience zombies will always attack gates first. Gates are bigger then wall 
segments so more zombies can hit them at once and the hp a gate has isnt worth 
it for the area it covers. If you need to move units in or out destroy part of 
the wall then rebuild. (for alot of my game i had open holes in my walls and it 
was fine since a ballista covered it, zombies will still stop to attack the 
walls even if there is a hole). 

This is my personal preference but I usually get 2 wood cutters before my first 
stone quarry. You dont need stone until you plan to make your soldier center/wood 
workshop however everything needs tons of wood in the beginning. 

Snipers are stong but this map has a high tendency of sending tons of runners 
and banshees at once against them. Dont be careless with them. a group below 20 
snipers can be wiped out on this map(it has happened to me to often when I just 
a move them). Once you have 20+ snipers in a group tho they wont die(unless RNG 
really hates you) Set them to highest priority not closest enemy). 

Day 75 is when you stop expanding, from this point forward everything goes into 
walls/ballistas. The final wave starts around day 92. 

Thanatos are love, Thanatos are life. The more thanatos you have the better your 
chances of survival. In my run i had 73 by time the final wave hit and I didnt 
lose a single defensive position. Once you have proper walls and 10+ thanatos 
you dont even need to bring your snipers or rangers back while they clear the 
map for a wave. Thanatos can stop any wave. 

You dont need executors... seriously you dont. In my experience workers and 
space for power are tough at the end so you need to spend them wisely(creating 
more mills takes workers). A ballista takes 2 workers 2 energy, upgrading it 
to an executor takes 8 more energy and 2 more workers. At critical spots you 
can build one but dont spam them. Make more ballistas instead. 

The order of priorities for your defensive forces on the final wave goes as 
follows. If you have positive oil gen make thanatos, once you cant get any more 
oil make ballistas. Also do you like your wall set up? it isnt good enough add 
more walls. 

Dont use towers, they are a waste of resources!

Early-Mid Game Tips:
Written by RealJeffBozos

Just some things that help when starting out.

Repeatedly use Pause and explore the map with all starting 4 rangers simultaneously 
(in all directions) when the game starts

Saves time, and the more you know, the better you can strategize. Also, you can grab 
the free resources early - they are small late game, but big for a fledgling Colony.

Get a few tents up ASAP to activate the first mayor

Sometimes the goodies the first mayor provides can significantly affect your Early 
Game Strategy (for eg. the one that extends the Command Center reach - if you built 
pylons before activation - you were inefficient).

-=Walls are optional, not a necessity.=-
Sometimes a patrolling unit can substitute, sometimes a Tower can substitute. 
Key word is sometimes.

Build your walls concave or convex if you can

Not a straight line. This allows you to put more attack units/machinery behind a 
wall, while simultaneously giving the Z's more wall to chew on.

Gates are optional

All Barracks Units can enter and exit Towers, so why have a gate? They are much 
weaker than walls/Towers. Simply micro and put/pull your troops from a Tower to go 
in/outside your city boundaries. Just remember to space the Towers 3 tiles apart, s
o you can destroy the walls in between and replace with a Gate when you finally start 
producing Engineering Center Units.

-=Plan out your time=-
Sometimes it makes more sense to concentrate on building a Barracks and getting more 
Units early. Other times, its better to concentrate on getting the Wood/Stone Workshops 
up and running ASAP.


Soldiers in front to absorb damage, backed up by snipers to deal damage is a good 
map/city clearing strategy.

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