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  Hints and Tips for: Thief (2014) 
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 Thief (2014) Cheats

Thief (2014)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Chrono Trigger reference:
While crawling through the vents in Chapter 2, just after the men discuss disposing a
body in the furnace, you can hear the Thief-Taker General whistle Frog's theme from 
Chrono Trigger.

Easy "Hail Of Glass" achievement:
You can find a bottle in front of the "Reynard's Coffeehouse" shop (open world) in 
Clock Tower Plaza. Equip the bottle, and aim into the air right above you. After 
throwing the bottle, you have 1.5 seconds before it hits the ground. Shoot an arrow
when the bottle is close to hitting the ground. The closer the bottle, the better 
your chance of hitting it. You can also try moving around a little by taking a step
to the left or right to adjust your aim if standing still does not work. If you 
know the bottle often lands to your right, then take a step to the right. Save the
game before throwing the bottle so you can quickly reload the game and try again if
do not hit the bottle.

Steal the Jeweled Mask:
First of all you're going to have to take out the Jeweler, so quietly get into position
behind him and knock him out. Make sure you steal absolutely everything you can get your
hands on, including one very important item called Lyegrove's Letter. You can find it 
on the desk. One of the paintings found in each corner of the room conceals a safe. 
Once you've located the correct one, approach it and feel your way towards the trigger.
Once activated, you'll find yourself facing a lock that can't be picked. Fortunately, 
the letter you looted just a moment ago rather handily contains the code you need. 
Once you've opened up the safe, take the special collectible item: Unique Loot (2/9) 
- Lyegrove's Jeweled Mask.

Thief 2014 Money Cheat:
Thief 2014 let’s you play the side mission called “Ector’s Client Job 1: Hand Tailored”
unlimited times . This seems to work for as long as you’re between “Chapter 4: A Friend
in Need” and “Chapter 5: The Forsaken”. 

Money Cheat Method: Every time you replay the “Ector’s Client Job 1: Hand Tailored” 
side mission, it allows you to collect all the loot and stack chips! It’s likely happening
when you’re not discovering every unique item when completing the “Hand Tailored” side 
mission. So the game is giving me another chance to discover the 3rd unique item before
it closes it up for good. In the meantime I replay the mission over and over by finding 
all 24 loot items and the robot claw. The enemies are extremely easy at this point in 
the game, so just a few swipes of the club will take them out (no reason to waste arrows).
There’s also 1 food and 1 poppy in the level so it’s great for stocking up on those items
by defeating it 4-5 times. Each completion nets me about 265 gold and takes about 10 
minutes to do. After I get somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 gold, I go back to the shop
and upgrade everything I want and go back for more.

Two-Faced achievement:
While inside the Stonecutter’s Court, find the Jeweler's Shop to the left of the guards
that are chatting under the light. Enter the shop and knock out the guard to the left 
of the entrance, then turn to the right. Find the three cabinets below the red drapes 
and use a lockpick on the center cabinet to get the first mask. Once done, turn around
and sneak into the cellar. Avoid the person working at the desk while moving to the rear
left corner of the workshop. Interact with the painting and use the secret switch to 
unlatch it to find a wall safe. Enter the combination "739" to open the safe and collect
the other item.

All 12 safes with these combinations and tips:
-=Safe 01: Chapter 1: Lockdown – Serendi Jeweler’s Cellar=-
You’ll need to head into this jeweler’s shop as part of the main story, so finding this 
safe should be no problem. Creep into the basement and deal with the jeweler either by 
knocking him out or distracting him and grab a document on his workstation called 
Lyegrove’s Letter. Head to the southwest corner and find the safe behind a painting. 
The combination is 7-3-9.

-=Safe 02 – Side Job: Beauty Within – Miss Scarlett’s Town House=-
You need to do the Basso’s Beauty Within side job to get this safe, located in The City.
Head to the Clock Tower Plaza and Miss Scarlett’s Town House near the Bookbinders. Miss 
Scarlet is catching Zs but her old man can be a bit of a pest, so blackjack the old fella
and head to main floor where you’ll find the safe on the south wall. 
The combination is 8-2-4 which you can find in the cabinet on the north wall.

-=Safe 03 – Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – Workshop=-
Easy stuff – the safe is inside the workshop but the combination is spread out. You’ll 
find one number on the back of the mechanical arm, the second on the mechanical skill 
on the chair. The third number is just a case of trial and error until the lock pops. 
Or just enter 3-1-4. Bingo.

-=Safe 04 – The City – Sick Willy’s Stash=-
This safe isn’t part of the main game or side mission. Head south to Baron’s Way South
and look for a ladder that you’ll need to lower by shooting a blunt arrow at it. Climb
up and prise open a closed window (ignore the open window). The combination is on the 
newspaper – it’s the day’s date, 8-4-2.

-=Safe 05 – Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets – Madam Xiao-Xiao’s Private Chamber=-
Another in-game story find, the safe is in Madam Xiao-Xiao’s private chamber. 
The combiation is found in documents dotted around the brothel. It’s 5-7-3.

-=Safe 06 – Chapter 4: A Friend in Need – The Keep=-
You can’t progress the story without opening this safe and the combination is found 
earlier in the chapter inside the architect’s study. The Great Safe is inside the keep
in the safe chamber (the name gives it away). Reset the lock mechanism by pressing on 
one side of the safe and quickly doing the same on the other side. 
The combination is 3-1-9 on the left and 0-1-8 on the right.

-=Safe 07 – Chapter 5: The Forsaken – Room 3E=-
Another area that needs visiting in order to progress the chapter, but the room where
the safe hides is optional. Inside the asylum you need the treatment level and while 
there turn the generator to investigate the different rooms. Room 3E has a safe on 
the wall and you should have found the combination on a note earlier in the chapter.
It’s 7-3-1.

-=Safe 08 – Side Job: Check Mate – Mourningside=-
Start Basso’s Check Mate side job and head to the Shady Merchant where you’ll see two
people hanging around near a brazier. Step up on the crates and pry open a window into
Archie Maxwell’s house. Head to the basement avoiding Archie. Look out for traps and 
the safe is on the wall with the combination 7-7-6.

-=Safe 09 – Chapter 6: A Man Apart – East Lounge=-
The combination can be obtained by a guard in the library. Head to the first floor of 
Baron’s Mansion and look out for the two guards patrolling the area – blackjack them 
fools – and open the safe with the combination 8-8-9.

-=Safe 10 – Chapter 6: A Man Apart – West Hall=-
You’ll witness a Graven killing a guard and you’ll find the safe in the room being 
guarded. Knock that chump out and enter the combination 0-1-7.

-=Safe 11 – Chapter 7: The Hidden City – Loading Docks Interior=-
Another area you have to pass through in order to progress the story of the game. After
the elevator ride look for the guard walking a path that takes him in and out of a tunnel.
The safe is in that tunnel. The combination is discovered later in the chapter so if you
don’t want to backtrack enter 6-7-3.

-=Safe 12 – Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur – Wine Cellar=.
Accept the client job Carnal Connoisseur, offered by Vittori. Head to the wine cellar,
where the safe is stashed behind a painting. The combination is found in two documents
in the mission. The combination is 8-1-2 which will open a hidden door.

Old Habits Die Hard Achievement:
To unlock this achievement, start or replay at Chapter 5: The Forsaken.

Secret Stash #1: Travel to the men’s ward and enter the first hall on the right. Look 
for a tall cupboard on the left and climb it to find treasure in an open vent.

Secret Stash #2: From the previous collectible, jump across to the narrow ledge across, and
continue down the hall. There’s another open vent down the way with another treasure.

Secret Stash #3: Drop down and circle around to the back two doors of the second hallway of
cells in the Men’s Ward. The last door is locked, but there’s a hole in the wall. Enter the
neighboring room and crawl through the hole. Climb up to the vent above the blocked door to
grab another treasure.

Secret Stash #4: Go to the elevator shaft in the Women’s Ward and shoot a rope arrow into 
the anchor point. Climb down and jump through the gap into the room below. Climb the crates
to the left to find the secret stash sitting on a pipe.

Secret Stash #5: Climb out of the lower floor through the stairs, then turn left to find a 
guard room with the bars missing. Crawl through and turn left, looking behind the book 
shelves to find a closed vent. Unscrew the cover and immediately turn left to find the last

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