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  Hints and Tips for: Thornyway 
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 Thornyway Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Mechanics:
Written by G-gun.

The Space Button Works! 

There is a unique feature in running mechanics: to speed up you have to 
hit spacebar and keep pushing " shift” as fast as possible, so if you 
want to gather speed then work with your little finger.

-=What to Do in the Game?=-
The main goal is to win Thornyway’s new metal album. Explore different path 
options that you might take before reaching to the end point of the game 
and finding the certain construction on our spacious map. The multiple 
playthroughs can tell more information, allowing you to delve deeply into
the many different ways a journey could unfold.

-=Love and Peace=-
As it was stated in the description, you will meet a guide in the game, 
that will navigate you to the album through several key points of the map,
where you can find some hidden notes. The notes will reveal the plot of 
the game.

Attention! The guide is not easy to find, as he flies fast on a directed 
path, so don’t expect that immediately after leaving the dungeon you will
be taken to the final part of the game. Enjoy the game atmosphere and 
explore it’s world.

-=Elimination (Or Maybe Not)=-
There is a small puzzle in our game universe. You can find several towers 
with interesting buttons, that you can activate and the results will be 
very exciting. Note that after pressing the button from the height of the
tower you can see the RAY, it shows you in which direction you need to run.
You have to overcome long distances, so all the way there are "rescuers" 
with checkpoints, in which you will be safe, can relax and rest.

-=You are the Traveller=-
The game gives you an ability to move from passive observer into a position 
of "control”. Only you are in charge of your actions, so you can ignore the
main ways to the final point and play in a hit-and-miss way. 
Break the rules and enjoy the idle attempts of finding the album on the 
beautiful expanses of this world.

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