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  Hints and Tips for: Thunder Tier One 
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 Thunder Tier One Cheats

Thunder Tier One

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General & Loadout Tips and Tricks:
Written by The Mogician

* Please leave people some time between missions in case they need to 
  change loadout. A lot of hosts hop from mission to mission non-stop,
  which leads to some players sometimes using loadouts that are ill-
  suited to the upcoming mission.
* Read the mission description and check the mission settings. If you 
  are playing the campaign, read the mission description, it can save 
  you a lot of hassle by telling you vital information such as where 
  to search for certain things and what to bring.
* If you are playing a mission at night, bring NVG and IR lasers for 
  your guns. You can toggle the lasers on your guns with the B button 
  and the NVG with N button. These two items will save you a lot of 
  grief at night.
* Use the UAV to recon the enemy locations. You can use Z to mark out 
  enemy positions and then call them out over mic to your friends. 
  While you unfortunately donít get any xp for the tagged kills, 
  tagging out enemies can really help under default settings. Forewarned 
  is forearmed. Also, if you die, be on the UAV watching over your surviving 
* Use Ctrl to shout to enemies to surrender. While I am uncertain what 
  determines how likely they will actually surrender, having them surrender 
  can save you some ammo since you only have to restrain them afterwards 
  instead of killing them. Plus, you get more XP per arrest as opposed 
  to killing them.
* Shoot out the lights at night (preferably with your pistol) as taking 
  them out will make it harder for enemies to spot you and hit you, while 
  you can see them perfectly fine with your NVG if you followed my rule of 
  bringing NVGs to night missions.
* You donít have to run everywhere. Sometimes, slowing down, scout ahead 
  with the UAV then proceed might be better than just running blindly into 
  enemy positions trying to gun everyone down. Also, sprinting drains your 
  stamina and it will be harder for you to aim with your gun.

-= Loadout Tips=-
* Most of the missions encourage using stealth so bring your silencers. 
  Unless it has an integrated silencer barrel, you can always just remove 
  the silencer should you donít feel like it.
* You will go down quickly in a firefight even if you are wearing heavy 
  plates and heavy helmets. This is (un)fortunately not one of those gun-
  ho games where you mow down rows and rows of enemies like Rambo movies. 
  Always go look for cover should a firefight break out.
* Unless you are wielding a submachine gun, you can hit enemies behind 
  wooden cover/doors. If you come across a small room and you hear footsteps/
  enemy chatter inside, feel free to spray the suspected area with bullets. 
  Better yet, if you/your teammate have the optical fiber camera, you can see 
  where they are first and kill them with accurate bursts.
* Using common weapons can be more advantageous compared to using more exotic 
  weapons in the sense that it might be easier to find ammunition for them. 
  For example, AKM and AKS ammo will be much easier to find in the field 
  compared to AS-VAL ammo.
* Having a good balance between protection and weight is important. While 
  you want to go for stealth, sometimes things donít work out and you have 
  to prepare for a prolonged firefight. On the other hand, carrying a heavy 
  load will make it harder for you to aim and shoot after sprinting from 
  cover to cover, thus effectively reducing your efficiency and costing 
  you more ammo.

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