Time Travel Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Time Travel 
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 Time Travel Cheats

Time Travel

N.B - the hints r in chronological order & NOT in order 
of execution. u can't solve problems in 1 era without 
going to the others.

to travel in time, "go time machine".
to cross rivers, "go river".

minefield - u need the metal detector to cross.
river shelling - wave flag to stop it..
cargo net - get it with the help of slaves.
door - the keys r in Nottingham.

white horse - throw rope to catch it.
rabbit - shoot with loaded rifle to kill it.
preacher - get preacher for access to bar.
bottom mine - get rocks for strong box
(contains $3, the keys r in Nottingham).

betsy - give bible for acess to upper floor.
bell - turn bolt with wrench. get bell with the help of slaves.
gallows - cut rope with knife.

little john - chop limbs of tree. hit john with staff.
wench - give nylon stockins & bath oil.

shark - chop all 3 trees with axe. make raft with the rope & 3 logs.
bath - go catacombs. e.n.e.s.w.
jewel case - black, red, gold, white.

slave guard - give beer to put him to sleep.
slaves - whip slaves to show them u r their master.
pyramid - push door. dig dirt with spade.
mix chemicals & throw nitro at granite.
neanderthal - give rabbit.
cro-magnon - kiss (or do more to) woman. get woman.
give woman to man for access to upper floor.
tyrannosaurus - throw cargo net to catch it.
bronto - just bring the tyrannosaurus here.

give all treasures to the archeologist for A+.
give allaw-allaw plant to biologist.
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