Titanic - Adventure out of Time Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Titanic - Adventure out of Time 
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 Titanic - Adventure out of Time Cheats

Titanic - Adventure out of Time

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: JD
Email: bradentibbitts99

The licotion of officer morrows binoc\'s head aft and on the upper 
deck by a smokestack you find the 

Cufflink Location 
Mr. Strauss' cufflink is in the First Class reception room. Go down 
in the lift (elevator). The cufflink is behind the cushion in the 
left chair. 

Playing Tip 
When you begin the game, you will start out in a room in the year 1942, 
which is during World War II. In this room there will be a model Titanic 
and a book that has the word "Memories" written on it. Click on both of 
these items. After you have done this, walk over to the desk and click 
on the desk. Once this is done, you should hear a alarm that sounds like 
a tornado warning. It's a bomb. 

Control Room 
When the seamen asks you to help do this: 
Turn red valves clockwise until they can't be turned anymore. Adjust Sea 
Water Pump level 1/2 to 3/4 open. Maximize heat by main boiler control by 
3/4. Close steam valves until turbine power output is in the green zone. 

Finding the Rubyiat 
First, go to boiler room 3 using the stairs right by Penny's cabin then 
solve the engineer's problem. Go through the doors until you reach boiler 
room 3. Talk to Vlad, say you will get his package, get the Rubyait and 
move it to a different chute.Get the packege, give it to Vlad then get 
the Rubiyait and leave. 

Georgia's Real Necklace
First of all, you must have the necklace Georgia gave you on the deck. 
After that when you meet Charles on deck, say yes to visit the smoking 
room with him. He will tell you Georgia's necklace is fake. Say good bye 
and visit Sasha's cabin. Talk to the guy and he'll leave. Then shut off 
the power. Sasha  will leave turn on the power and enter. You will find 
the Doll on his desk, simply much the numbers so they equal the number 
they are pointing to. Then open the thing up. Take the real ncklace and 
replace it with the fake. Then take it to the pursor. 

Get the Painting 
Once you have gotten the keys to the cargo hold go to it the entrance is 
on the forcastle deck there will be a guard talk to him he will think you 
are the purser and will let you go in find the cargo room where the car 
is turn on the car lights and leave them on then click on the crate that 
the lights are shining on the painting should be there if not you didn't 
go fast enough thats all right you'll get it later. 

Willy's Notebook 
When the ship is sinking, go to the first class louge and get the shawl 
from Ms. Limehouse. Then use the second class stairs to get to F-Deck. 
Then go down the steps right before the control room. You will find Vlad 
and say, "You can get him in to first class". Give him the shawl for the 
notebook and then return to the deck.

Hidden games:
During game play, go to the Turkish baths and open the drawer of the vanity. 
Inside are game boxes for other games that Cyberflix made. You can zoom 
in for a closer view of the boxes.

After you get the real necklace from Sasha Babricon's room, and you do not 
have the fake necklace to replace it or you just want go back to his room, 
click on the map. Choose to warp to anyplace on the ship. By doing this you 
will not get killed if you do not have the fake necklace or if you forget 
to replace the fake one with the real one. You can also use this to explore 
his room later in the game.

The Rubiat:
First, go into the Turkish bath. Switch on the taps and press "OK". The taps 
should still be running. Go to the mirror and click on it. A message should 
appear, stating "Sasha, Left Rubiat in Coal Chute 4 in Engine Room 3, Colonel 
Zeitel". Go to second class, and to the turbine room. Click on the man in the 
control room and fix the engine. He will then let you go through. Go to Engine 
Room 3 and meet Vlad. Go down the ladder to the first coal chute on the right, 
number 4. Click on the case with the levers and pick up the Rubiat, but do not 
take it back up or you will get shot by Vlad. Move it to another coal chute, 
then get Vlad's package off Sasha. Once you have given it to him, he will 
mention the Rubiat going missing, indicating that he has not found it. Then, 
he will clear off and you can take it. Be careful; if you do not move the Rubiat 
to another coal chute, he will take it and you will have to start again. 

Save time:
While you wait for Mrs. Conkling to appear, try for a Lifeboat Pass.

How to disarm the bomb:
To disarm the bomb in Zeitel's room put the left switch to #2.Next set the 
middle switch to #3.Then set the right switch to #3.Wait until the clock 
goes off,set the left switch to #1.Open the case with the key in it,get the 
key and click ok.Now exit the room.

Willy's Notebook:
When the ship is sinking, go to the first class louge and get the shawl from Ms. 
Limehouse. Then use the second class stairs to get to F-Deck. Then go down the 
steps right before the control room. You will find Vlad and say, "You can get 
him in to first class". Give him the shawl for the notebook and then return to 
the deck.

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