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  Hints and Tips for: Tokyo 42 
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 Tokyo 42 Cheats

Tokyo 42

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=The Bananacopter=-
You actually need:
* The Shield
* The bunch of Bananas.

The Shield is 30.000 yen, the Bananas 10.000. You can get both pretty early in 
the game if you go to the bigger park near the middle area.
-=How to fly=-
You should get a lot of "bombs" first since you will need a lot if you really 
wanna do it right. Best, get a higher place where you can actually test it.
* Equip the shield and activade it.
* Equip the bunch of bananas
* Throw the bunch of bananas "near" to you. At the highest point of the arc, 
  let the bananas go. You will get a push upward. Doing it in the right time 
  you actually are able to fly away to secrets and like.
Note: These cheat codes work in Beta version of Tokyo 42. So keep in mind, these 
codes probably will not work in the latest version of the game.

Type it in game...

Codes     Result
weapons - Get all weapons
fps     - Show fps
cursor  - Hide/show cursor
unlock  - Unlock all missions
hrbrt   - Open herbert
ride    - Bike
port    - Teleport
list    - List of missions
test    - Test code
goddart - God mode
gold    - Give gold
skipo   -Skip mission’s objective

Dealing with Various Enemy Types:
Written by mida

* Most Cops use can grenades. They can force you out of cover quickly. 
* Most Cops can be manipulated in to shooting other Cops. In large clusters, 
  this can be useful. 
* Pistol Cops are quite basic. You don't need to be told how to kill even the most 
  basic of grunts, right? 
* Rifle Cops can be evaded by changing your path and using cover, but in groups they 
  can be quite oppressive when spread out and can restrict where you can move to. 
* Shotgun Cops are also basic. They often miss their shot, but in groups the bullets 
  can restrict where you can move to. 
* Sword Cops run straight at you. If you're forced in to using a shield and one of 
  these guys runs at you, be scared, because swords ignore shields. If they happen 
  to rush at you while you are deeling with a tank with a shield, you should be safe. 
  The tank's bullets with kill them. 
* Shield Cops abandon their shields once all other non-shield wielding comrades are 
  dead. You could also use a sticky grenade, stick it to their shield and that will 
  kill them (usually). 
* Snipers are possibly more oppressive than tanks, especially when combined with 
  them. Kill who you can, but do not be afraid to leave kills you deem risky. Make 
  sure you can see them and get behind cover. You may want to snipe them from afar, 
  because being close is a bad idea, especially when their bullets are the fastest 
* Tanks should be dealt with at close range with a shield, to deflect their bullets 
  back at them. Multiple of them is not as bad as it sounds, because they often 
  group up in lines or on the same spot and follow the same path. They can, however,
  jump if you run too far away, are too high up, or they can't make a path through 
  to you unless they jump.

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