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 Tom Clancy's HAWX Cheats

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Cheat Codes:
To unlock these planes, go to the hanger and enter them.

Effect                Code  
A-12 Avenger 2      - Hold [Shift] and type "X, A, X, D, Q, X" at the Hangar.
FB-22 Strike Raptor - Hold [Shift] and type "D, X, D, X, D, Q" at the Hangar.
F-18 HARV           - Hold [Shift] and type "A, Q, A, Q, A, X" at the Hangar.

Saab-35 Draken and XA-20 Razorback:
Register an account at Then in the game, select "Extras" 
at the main menu. Select "Exclusive Content" and sign in with your account. You can now download the Saab-35 Draken and 
XA-20 Razorback aircraft.

Reach the indicated level to earn the rank:

Level  2: Airman
Level  3: Airman, First Class
Level  4: Senior Airman I
Level  5: Senior Airman II
Level  6: Staff Sergeant I
Level  7: Staff Sergeant II
Level  8: Technical Sergeant I
Level  9: Technical Sergeant II
Level 10: Master Sergeant I
Level 11: Master Sergeant II
Level 12: Senior Master Sergeant I
Level 13: Senior Master Sergeant II 

Other aircraft:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the Aircraft. 

A-10A Thunderbolt II     : Complete mission 16. 
A-6A Intruder            : Reach level 7. 
A-7B Corsair II          : Reach level 3. 
AV-8B Harrier II         : Reach level 8. 
EA-6B Prowler            : Reach level 13. 
EF-111A RAVEN            : Reach level 4. 
Eurofighter Typhoon      : Complete mission 14. 
F-117 Nighthawk          : Complete mission 13. 
F-14A Tomcat             : Complete Mission 8. 
F-14B Bombcat            : Complete mission 12. 
F-14D Super Tomcat       : Reach level 24. 
F-15 Active              : Complete mission 4. 
F-15C Eagle              : Complete mission 10. 
F-15E Strike Eagle       : Reach level 25. 
F-16A Fighting Falcon    : Complete Mission 9. 
F-16C Fighting Falcon    : Reach level 30. 
F-2                      : Reach level 6. 
F-20 Tigershark          : Reach level 11. 
F-22 Raptor              : Complete mission 17. 
F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel: Complete mission 2. 
F-5A Freedom Fighter     : Reach level 5. 
F-5E Tiger II            : Reach level 15. 
F35 JSF                  : Complete mission 19. 
FA-18 RC                 : Reach level 12. 
FA-18C Hornet            : Reach level 27. 
FA-18E Super Hornet      : Complete mission 11. 
Jaguar                   : Reach level 22. 
Mig-25 Foxbat            : Reach level 2. 
Mig-29 Fulcrum           : Complete mission 3. 
Mig-33 Super Fulcrum     : Complete mission 7. 
MIRAGE 2000 C            : Reach level 9. 
MIRAGE 2000-5            : Reach level 23. 
MIRAGE 5                 : Complete mission 6. 
MIRAGE F1                : Reach level 14. 
MIRAGE III               : Reach level 21. 
MIRAGE IV P              : Reach level 16. 
Rafale C                 : Complete mission 15. 
Saab-39 Gripen           : Reach level 33. 
Su-25 Frogfoot           : Complete mission 1. 
Su-27 Flanker            : Complete mission 5. 
Su-32 FN                 : Reach level 26. 
Su-34 Fullback           : Reach level 32. 
Su-35 Super Flanker      : Reach level 34. 
Su-37 Terminator         : Reach level 36. 
Su-47 Berkut             : Reach level 40. 
X-29                     : Reach level 31. 
YF-12A                   : Reach level 17. 
YF-17 Cobra              : Complete mission 18. 
YF-23 Black Widow II     : Reach level 35. 

Weapons packs:
Reach the indicated level to unlock the weapons pack. 

Adaptive I Weapon Pack for F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel : Level 13
Air Domination I Weapon Pack for Mig-21 Fishbed      : Level 11 
Anti-Air Support Weapon Pack for EA-6B Prowler       : Level 13 
Anti-Air Support Weapon Pack for FA-18 RC            : Level 12 
Close Air Support I Weapon Pack for Mig-21 Fishbed   : Level 10 
Close Air Support Weapon Pack for EF-111A Raven      : Level 13 
Ground Assault I Weapon Pack for AV-8B Harrier       : Level 13 
Ground Assault II Weapon Pack for Su-25 Frogfoot     : Level 11 
Ground Suppression Weapon Pack for EF-111A Raven     : Level 12 
Level Bombing Weapon Pack for FA-18 RC               : Level 13 
Light Assault Weapon Pack for A-7B Corsair II        : Level 10 
Light Assault Weapon Pack for Su-25 Frogfoot         : Level 10
Multi-Role II Weapon Pack for Mig-25 Foxbat          : Level 11
Multi-Role OO Weapon Pack for AV-8B Harrier          : Level 12
Support Weapons Pack for EF-111A Raven               : Level 4

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