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  Hints and Tips for: Torn City 
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 Torn City Cheats

Torn City

Submitted  by: RM

Operation Prospect: Level 7+:
Anonymous wants to try an old game he used to play with you. Foot Russian 
Roulette is where you get a smith and wesson revolver and load its barrel 
with a single bullet, spin it and shoot yourselves turns. Whoever shoots 
themselves loses. You need to bet 50k on the outcome, you win anonymous's 
50k if you win though. All you need to do is click 'shoot'.

Operation Congenial: Level 5+:
This is the most easiest mission of all:
An anonymous citizen is having problems with someone who owes him money and 
wants you to sort him/her out! You'll need some speed, strength and a weapon, 
but all you have to do is attack and leave the person involved (Congenial 
[100]). You earn 10k for your troubles, costs 50 energy though.

Operation Demolition: Level 13+:
Anonymous has a job for you; he wants you to blow up the skyler building. 
First you have to get some C4, it will cost you 10k from the man at TC docks
(go to the bottom of the docks page). Once you have the C4 mail Anonymous [9]
and he will tell you where to go. Go to the city page and find the skyler 
building. The elevator is broken, so take the stairs, kill the guard (don't
pay him) and plant the C4. Once you leave/hosp the guard you'll get a message
from Anonymous saying the building didnt blow up right, but it wasnt your fault.
You get $350,000 for it.

Operation Deduce (lvl 5+):
First of all you must send in the password password to anonymous if u started
the mission he will say its wrong and says he lives in torncity and then send
him torncity. Then u will get 25k.

Message: Operation Superior: Level 20+:
Submitted by: mr_cassanova

This is much easier, an anonymous citizen is having problems with a woman in
his business and wants you to sort the nark out! All you have to do is attack 
and leave the person involved (Superior [103]). You earn a cool 2.5 million 
for your troubles, mansion time!

Free money:
IF you cannot bear being poor and more then contact me and then you can flash 
around your gold tc whatch and be safe in knowing knowone will mug you because 
of your body gaurds.

How to get you out of prison free:
Submitted by: DPETTY

You look for yourself in the jail center then click "buy" then it will say 
"Do want buy this person for $0" then click yes to get of jail.

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