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 Total Club Manager 2005 Cheats

Total Club Manager 2005

Submitted by: UIT CS4

1.Even if your over aged star is a superstar it is better to trade him off 
  before he retires.
2.Enmity b/w team mates can be minimsed by player talks

Always check the player status screen before you sell a player. 
If a player has a close friend on the team, this will cost a lot of morale. 
This could be disastrous if the remaining player is one of your stars.

Submitted by: chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

Begin a new game of TCM with any team. When the first menu apear go to Club-->
Stad./Facilities-->Stadium Expansion and make the stadium that you've always 
whanted but you've didn't have the money for it. When you're done Save the stadium
with the name of the team that you whant to have the stadium.
Ex: If you whant Juventus F.C to have it you save it Juventus with a capital "J".
After you have saved the stadium exit the game and go to My Documents-->TCM-->
Stadium and copy the Juventus.xlm. Then go to the main TCM folder and enter user 
and there make a folder named "Stadium" and paste the Juventus.xlm there and voila. 
Enter the game select Juventus F.C and when you go to club-->stadium you will have 
that stadium.
I'M SURE IT WILL WORK ! Cheat by `chaOs ( Butuc Theodor )

Money and big players for nothing:
Submitted by: chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

If you want to have a lot of money at your club you should do this: Start the game
and select 2 players. Then select your team( the team which you want to play) and 
another big team. Ex : Your team is Juventus F.C you choose a big team 
:Manchester United.
When the first menu apears if you are at Juventus transfer the best players from
Manchester for nothing . You whant to buy van Nistelrooy you put the transfer fee 
to 0 and if the chairman dont whant put minimum 2-3 mil. Then buy the player to Juve. 
After you've done that you whant to make some money..Go to Youth-->Status and ofer
the besr youth players contract to reserves. Then go to Reserves and put the transfer
fee of the youth players to Not for sale. Then go to Manchester and when you try to 
buy those players you will do an ofer. Ofer the maximum fee and then you will start 
serious negotiations and buy the youth player with the maximum amount of money. To 
this until Manchester remains without any money and then when you are on Manchester
menu go to Options (on the upper right) and choose end of career and continue playing
with Juventus. Enjoy the cheat made by `chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

Submitted by: chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

I want to give you a game hint about the best players in the game. If you want to 
buy good players don't look at the potential. First look at the age of the player.
If he has 20-21 and he has potential 13-14 he is a good player and you should buy 
him. After a few years he will grow. And i asure you that the player if he is a ST
he will reach potential 18 at 28-29 years old.

Here is a list of the best players:

Goalkeepers :
-Gianluigi Buffon (23-Juventus)
-Iker Casillas (23-Real Madrid)
-Sebastian Frey (24-Parma)
-Timo hildebrand (25-VfB Stuttgart)
-Victor Valdes (22-Barcelona)
-Reina (21-Villareal)
-Ivan Pellizoli (23-Roma)
-Igor Akinfeev (18-C.Moscow)
-David Marshall (19-Celtic)
-Howard (22-Manchester United)

Defenders :
-Cristian Chivu LWB-CD-LB (23-Roma)
-Vincent Kompany CD (18-Anderlecht)
-Gonzalo Rodrigues CD (20-Villareal)
-Rio Ferdinand CD (25-Man U)
-Christoph Metzelder CD (23-Borussia Dortmund)
-Arne Friedrich RWB-LWB (25-Herta Berlin)
-Terry CD (23-Chelsea)
-Pablo CD (22-Atletico Madrid)
-Mexes CD (22-Roma)
-O'Shea CD (23-Man U)
-Carvalho CD (26-Chelsea)
-Lucio CD (26-Bayern M.)
-Carragher CD (26-Liverpool)
-Gallas CD (26-Chelsea)
-Alessandro Nesta CD (28-Milan)
-Marchena CD (24-Valencia)
-Zambrota LWB-RWB (Juventus)
-Woodgate CD (24-Real Madrid)
-Del Horno LWB (23-Atletico Bilbao)
-Juan CD (25-Bayer Leverkusen)
-Willy Sagnol RWB-LWB-CD (27-Bayern M.)
-Walter Samuel CD (26-Real Madrid)
-Zebina CD (25-Juventus)
-Nicolas Burdisso CD (23-Internationale)
-Kakhaber Kaladze LWB (26-Milan)

Midfielders and DM :
-Kaka AM (22-Milan)
-Gerrard DM (24-Liverpool)
-Tomas Rosicky AM (23-Borussia Dortmund)
-Emre AM (23-Internationale)
-Stephen Appiah DM (23-Juventus)
-Ronaldinho AM (24-Barcelona)
-Robben LM (20-Chelsea)
-Vicente LM (22-Valencia)
-Xavi DM (24-Barcelona_
-van Der Vaart (22-Ajax)
-Xabi Alonso CM (22-Liverpool)
-Dede LM (26-Borussia Dortmund)
-Basturk AM (25-Herta Berlin)
-Patrick Viera DM (28-Arsenal)
-van Der Meyde AM (24-Inter)
-Djemba-Djemba DM (23-Man U)
-Joe Cole AM (22-Chelsea)
-Ballack AM (27-Bayern Munchen)
-Manuele Blasi CM (23-Juventus
-Parker DM (23-Chelsea)
-Owen Hargreaves DM (23-Bayern M.)
-Francesco Totti AM (27-Roma)
-Sebastian Deisler AM (24-Bayern M.)
-Riise LM (23-Liverpool)
-Mancini RM (23-Roma)
-Ljungberg RM (27-Arsenal)
-De Rossi DM (20-Roma)
-Battaglia CM (23-Villareal)
-Aimar AM (24-Valencia)
-Deco AM (26-Barcelona)
-Denilson AM (26-Betis)
-Albelda DM (26-Valencia)
-Roman Riquelme AM (26-Villareal)
-Gattuso DM (26-Milan)
-Pirlo AM (26-Milan)
-Seedorf AM (27-Milan)
-Lampard AM (26-Chelsea)
-Gilberto DM (27-Arsenal)
-Emerson AM (28-Juventus)

-Rooney ST (18-Man U)
-C.Ronaldo CF (19-Man U)
-F.Torres ST (20-A.Madrid)
-Carlos Alberto Tevez ST (20-Boca Juniors)
-Vagner ST (20-C.Moscow)
-Milan Baros ST (22-Liverpool)
-Djibril Cisse ST (22-Liverpool)
-Reyes ST (20-Arsenal)
-Adrian Mutu ST (25-Chelsea)
-Thierry Henry ST (26-Arsenal)
-Roque Santa Cruz ST (22-Bayern M.)
-Ruud Van Nistelrooy ST (28-Man U)
-Antonio Cassano ST (20-Roma)
-Adriano ST (22-Inter)
-Gilardino ST (21-Parma)
-Obafemi Martins ST (19-Inter)
-Sinama-Pongolle ST (19-Liverpool)
-Kevin Kuranyi ST (22-Stuttgart)
-Imre Szabic ST (23-Stuttgart)
-Shevcenko ST (27-Milan)
-Ewerton ST (23-Borussia Dortmund)
-Pizzaro ST (25-Bayern Munchen)
-Olivier Kapo ST (23-Juventus)
-Ruben Olivera ST (21-Juventus)
-Eto'o ST (23-Barcelona)
-M.Owen ST (24-Real Madrid)
-Ronaldo ST (27-Real Madrid)
-Raul ST (27-Real Madrid)
-Dirk Kuyt ST (23-Feyenord)

This list is from the best to the last of the best but all of them are 
good!Enjoy TCM

Submitted by: chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

This is my favorite scheme:

Submitted by: chaOs (Butuc Theodor)

If you can play Football Fusion and you don't have a good team in TCM you 
can play only a game in FIFA 2005.
In TCM when you gave Match day select Football Fusion wait for the game to 
exit and enter FIFA 2005 play a 4-6 minute game at amator beat with 4-0 or 
higher if you can :) exit the game when you finish.Load the fusion match in 
TCM and at the next game when you select Football Fusion you wait for the 
game to exit and you don't enter FIFA 2005 to play the match you enter TCM 
and load the football match. After the match loaded you won with 4-0. 
Do this every time when you select football fusion.

Easy money:
Go into Club/Stadium Facilities/Stadium Expansion. Change the stadium type 
(rounded corners, oval; this will cost you money) and select "Build Stadium". 
Do this again (changing the stadium type, build it), and you will receive 
money. Note: Do not do this if you are thinking about building a new stadium.

Finding good released players:
At the start of the game or after any season finishes, go into the transfer 
market and search with the following details: 

All Players
Transfer Limit : £0
Min Potential : (whatever standard of player you need)
Position : (whatever you need)
Side : (whatever you need)
Age : Any
Search : All Counties 

After doing this, the game will display all the players above your potential 
level who have been released. It is possible to sign Henry, Terry, and Ronaldinho 
this way. Note: You may need to wait until a particular player becomes available. 

Recommended players:
The best striker in the game is Andriy Shevchenko.

Submitted  by: Hem

-Giourkas Seitaridis RWB-CD-RB-RM-CM (23-Porto)
-Raul Bravo LB-CD (23-RealMadrid)
-Stilian Petrov AM-CM (24-Celtic)
-Diego AM-CM (19-Porto)
-Inesta CM-DM (20-F.C Barcelona).

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