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  Hints and Tips for: Town of Salem 
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 Town of Salem Cheats

Town of Salem

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

List of Vet Baits:
Written by Boshy

A list of different ways to get people to visit you n1 as a Veteran.

-=What is Vet Baiting?=-
Vet baiting is simply luring others into visiting you on alert. It's a very risky 
strategy as often times you will usually get one of your fellow town members killed. 
Thus, many vet baiting strategies often stress the importance of making sure town 
does not find you suspicious. However, this guide will simply list the many vet 
strategies I've seen in-game (and explaining their effectiveness)

-=Claim-based Baits=-
Claiming an important town role: This is probably the worst type of bait you can pull 
off. More often than not, you WILL get a fellow town member killed, or be accused of 
being a Medusa in Coven All Any.

Claiming survivor: This bait tends to have varying results. It usually results in 
investigators and sheriffs dying due to them wanting to see whether you're an evil role. 
However, this also tends to get evil roles such as Consigileres killed, for the same 
reason as town investigates.

Claiming a boring role: The most common way this is done is by claiming Medium. This 
claim is not very effective, as most players know to not attack someone who wishes to 
be killed (unless you're playing Classic).

Claiming solo evil: This also tends to get fellow town members killed. The only mode in 
which this bait is actually usefull is All Any, and even then, it is very likely not to 
work on the faction you're claiming to be part of.

Claiming Veteran: While this seems like a horrible idea, it can actually be effective. 
Reverse Psychology is what enables this bait to work. As with most other types of baits, 
this tends not to work on more experienced players. It also tends to cast suspicion on 
you, as others may think you are an evil attempting to ward off investigative roles and 
other enemies. This bait is most effective in non-Coven Classic, although you may end up 
killing townies as well.

-=Name Baiting=-
Offensive names work very well in attracting evils. Often times the offended will try to 
take you out first. Thus, there is less of a risk of killing fellow townies as only vigilante 
can directly kill, and never on night one. The most common type of offensive names are 
political figures. Names such as "Mike Litoris" and "Hugh G Rection" also tend to work well 
due to their shock value. Note that this only really works if you're using Veteran scrolls, 
as you're attracting unecessary attention to yourself as any other role (except Medusa).

-=Chat Baits=-
Shock messages: Similar to shock names, this tends to work very well against killing roles 
as they are likely to take you out first if they are offended. However, this is not recommended 
due to the fact that you can easily be reported.

Ridiculous messages: Typing out copypastas and other memetic/ridiculous messages will tend to 
attract all sorts of roles. Evils will likely target you just for the memes, and town members 
will usually investigate you to make sure you're not an evil acting like a Jester. An example 
of a ridiculous message that works well is "What the actual ??? is fortnite."

Fame baiting: e.g. saying things like "Say hi to Youtube" or "I'm streaming right now." This 
method can either work or fail spectacularly. In general, players will be attracted to ruining 
a video/stream or being in one. This will definitely not work in modes with more experienced 
players such as the entirety of Coven, or against people who aren't attention hogs.

Spamming: Spamming is a surefire way to get reported. It may work for night one but any night 
after that carries a high chance of being reported and lynched. Similarly, pretending to be 
a bot may have worked a few months ago, but doing so now will absolutely get you banned.

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