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  Hints and Tips for: Triple Play '99 
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 Triple Play '99 Cheats

Triple Play '99

New Keyboard cheats:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Hold 1+2+3+4 and type:

Mammoth Homerun	- Tab, Shift, Tab, Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Left, Right 
                  (Do this while the batter is walking to the 
                  batters box or while he is in the batters box)
Easy Strikeout  - Up, Down, Tab, Shift, Tab, Alt, Ctrl, Shift 
                  (Do this while you're on the mound)
Big Cheer       - Shift, Left, Left, Shift
Little Cheer    - Tab, Up, Up, Tab
ooh!            - Ctrl, Down, Down, Ctrl
boo!            - Alt, Right, Right, Alt
d              	- to make the crowd whistle
s              	- to hear a piano
a              	- to hear a horn
w              	- to hear a bigger horn

Hold down the 1+2+3+4 keys on the keyboard 
(not the NumPad) and enter these cheats. 
Use the arrow keys for the Left, Right, Down and Up.
During gameplay, type in these codes:

LEFT, SHIFT, RIGHT, ALT   -  Sponsor comment
ALT, RIGHT, SHIFT, LEFT   -  Nickname game
DOWN, CTRL, RIGHT, ALT    -  Stadium info
SHIFT, LEFT, LEFT, SHIFT  -  Crowd cheer
CTRL, DOWN, DOWN, CTRL    -  Crowd ooh
ALT, RIGHT, RIGHT, ALT    -  Crowd boo

Sidewinder Gamepad
Hold down both trigger buttons plus Y and Z, 
and enter these cheats.

X, A, X, C, B, A, LEFT, RIGHT  -  Home run
UP, DOWN, X, A, X, C, B, A     -  Strike out
UP, X, RIGHT, C                -  Histrical commentary
X, UP, UP, X                   -  Crowd cheer

Gravis Gamepad Pro
Hold L1+L2+R1+R2, and enter these cheats.

BUTTON 4, B1, B4, B3, B2, B1      - Home run
UP, DOWN, B4, B1, B4, B3, B2, B1  - Strike out
UP, B4, RIGHT, B3                 - Historical commentary
B4, UP, UP, B4                    - Crowd cheer

Secret Stadiums
1. Turn off User Records mode.
2. Go to the Stadium Select Screen.
3. Scroll all the way to the right 
   (Houston will be on the top left).
4. Click on Houston, and contiunue clicking diagonally down
   and to the right (Houston-top left, middle stadium, bottom
   right stadium)
5. Now click in a line diagonally up and to the right, bottom
   left, middle stadium, top right stadium)
6. If done right you will hear TRIPLE PLAY. Scroll to the right
   and you will have three new stadiums.

Easy Trades 
Current Rating: Not Rated
All trades go through,as long as the players are 2 or less points apart. So say you have a player who is 72 and want to trade for a player who is 94, just trade for a player who is 80 then 82 and so on.

Mammoth Home Run 
Current Rating: Not Rated
While you are in the batters box, hold 1+2+3+4 and press Tab, Shift, Tab, Alt, Control, Shift, Left, Right.

Cheat Codes 
Current Rating: Not Rated
While playing, hold 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (on the top row) and enter one of the following codes: 

Stadium Information - [Down] [Ctrl] [Right] [Alt] 
Nickname Game - [Alt] [Right] [Shift] [Left] 
Sponsor Comment - [Left] [Right] [Shift] [Alt] 
Crowd Cheers - [Shift] [Left] [Left] [Shift] 
Crowd Boos - [Alt] [Right] [Right] [Alt] 
Crowd Gasps - [Ctrl] [Down] [Down] [Ctrl]

Extra Stadium 
Current Rating: Not Rated
To get the extra stadiums, go to the stadium select screen, and click on these stadiums in this order. (*Just Click The Stadium Once, Do not play there*) 

1. Click Houston

2. Go diagonally down and click Atlanta

3. Go diagonally down and click Philadelphia

4. Go over two and click Pittsburgh

5. Go up diagonally and click Atlanta

6. Go up diagonally and click Montreal 
You will hear a voice say "Triple Play", go over to the right and you will have 3 stadiums, Ancient Rome, Neo-Vancouver, and Anytown USA, HAVE FUN!


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