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  Hints and Tips for: Tradewinds 
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 Tradewinds Cheats


Bounty Hunting: 
* Once you have gotten a sizeable fleet, you can start hunting notorious pirates
  for bounties. Each bounty isn't worth all too much, but it seems to be greatly
  multiplied when you collect multiple bounties all at once. 

* 4-5 bounties can be upwards of 150,000 gold, where as each bounty individually 
  might be worth 10,000. 7 bounties can be up to 1,000,000, 9 bounties up to 
  almost 2,000,000.

* When speaking with the bartender, you will learn that the port authority sells 
  25 crates of silk to pay the bounty. Unless you are short on cash,do not turn 
  in bounties until the price of silk at the port you are at is high. 
  Note: The highest silk can reach is 4,800 gold. 

Hints - Easy money:
* The first and most important tip is to avoid naval combat at all costs
  early in the game. Every time you destroy a pirate ship at sea, you’ll
  add more ships to the pirate fleet, meaning that the next encounter will
  be against at least one more ship. Wounding a pirate ship doesn’t count
  as destroying it, but it’s generally better to run anyway. When you’ve
  built a fortune, you can sail around with twenty five heavily armed ships
  blasting away to your heart’s content.

* Midway through the game, you’ll need to earn large sums of money to get
  to get further along in your career. Pay attention to the inn, and pay
  for people’s drinks. You’ll hear tips that will help you make financially 
  good decisions, such as buying cheap dream dust, or selling arms at a high
  price. These ‘tips’ change randomly each time you leave the game and come 
  back to it (that includes saving and loading your game), but they stay the
  same as long as you keep playing, so use that to your advantage.

* Once you’ve accumulated a large fortune, you won’t want to haul cargo 
  around to your various ports to make money. Instead, purchase the warehouses
  in each port, hire guards, and then start buying bulk amounts of the products 
  you’ll be selling. By tracking the tips from the inn, you’ll be able to 
  stockpile the precious resources in each port, selling them only when a really 
  good deal comes along. This is far quicker than transporting cargo by ship, 
  saves you tremendous space; you can use that space to arm your fleet with more 
  cannon , keeping it safer. Plus, the tougher your fleet, the easier it’ll be 
  to take on the pirate captains that offer small bounties and big status rewards.

Your information on Bounty Hunting is incorrect:
Submitted by: Cat

* The bounty does not scale with how many bounties you have. Speaking with the
  bartender, you learn that the port authority sells 25 crates of silk to pay 
  the bounty. So unless you are short on cash, you want to save them until the 
  price of Silk at the port you are in is high. (Highest price seen is 2600gold.
  This equals up to 65,000 per bounty.)

* Asking the Port Authority for news will tell you between which ports the wanted
  captains are going.

* Once you have a fleet strong enough to take on the pirate fleets, start plying
  your way between them for big money. (You get the bounty plus whatever you get
  from defeating the fleet.)

* If you are not in a port that leads to a captain, (for example, the current 
  pirate captain is between Jia-Ching and Tanchon, but you're currently in Lama
  Sut) it is a prime opportunity to load up on Dream Dust (if it's cheap) and 
  stop by Shangri La to sell it.

* Shangri La has no Port Authority, so there is no fear of having this contraband
  cargo confiscated, and you can easily double your investment.

Submitted by: Matthew

The highest for silk that I have seen is 4,800. Just so it is known. I also know
that for the one bounty I earned 614,000.

Submitted by: LiSyaoran81

The bar tender does say that the port aouthority sells 25 crates of silk per bounty,
but the number of you turn in at one time also increases your total bounty. I turned
in 52 bountys at one time at a port where sild was selling for 3900. 25 crates of 
silk at 3900 a peace would be 97,500. 52 bountys at 97,500 each would be 5,070,000.
However, I was paid almost 297 times that amount for a total bounty of 1,505,587,200.
I have a screen shot to prove this. So the first poster is right. If you turn in 
multiple bountys at one time, you get paid ALOT more.

Submitted by: Sahilio

Ok guys, the silk thing that the bartender tells you is just an anecdote. The
more bounties you turn in at the same time, the more money you get. That's it.

Defeating dangerous pirates:
Submitted by: John

It would be best if you started out with the character that has the biggest vessel 
so when you encounter pirates,then it will be very simple to collect bounties. Don't 
worry much about trading to afford new vessels and cannons,bounty hunting will get 
you the funds you need.Oh, and make sure you have a fortified navy every time you 
face a pirate fleet because if your navy is destroyed then you're done for!.

Bounty Hunting Breakdown:
I have spent some time fiddling with the Tradewinds Classic game in a memory editor, 
and managed to find out how bounties are calculated. There are three important factors: 
Number and type of ships, number of consecutive bounties, and the price of silk at 
the given port.

1.Number and type of ships
For every notorious pirate you face, each of their ships are worth a certain 
number of points:

* Junks are worth one point each,
* Single Masts are worth 4 points each,
* Double Masts are worth 6 points each, 
* and the large  ships are worth 8 points each.

When a battle is over, the points for all of the ships you sank are added up, and 
that sum is added to the global sum for all of the notorious pirates you have defeated 
since your last cash in.

2.Number of consecutive bounties
* This is just a tally of how many notorious pirates you have defeated since your last cash in.
* This number is referenced by the port authority when you collect your bounties: 
  "...Collecting the bounty on (some number) of pirates...

3.Price of silk at the port
* The current price of silk at the port that you cash in your bounties matters.

The Bounty you receive is calculated by multiplying these numbers together as so:
Bounty = (TotalShipPoints)*(NumberOfBounties)*(PriceOfSilk). 

Since the (TotalShipPoints) can also be thought of as the (NumberOfBounties) * (avgShipPointsPerBounty),
We find that the bounty scales at the rate of (NumberOfBounties)^2:

Bounty = (AvgShipPointsPerBounty)*(NumberOfBounties)^2*(PriceOfSilk).

-=With this in mind, I would offer the following advice=-
* Fight the pirates at every opportunity, so you can quickly fight the larger groups of them for 
  more ShipPoints. 
* Don't collect on your bounties until you are at a port with a silk price of 4,800 
  (The max price for silk)

Even small changes in these multipliers can make a huge difference when you collect your bounties.

For those of you interested, If you collect 200 bounties, you are almost guaranteed to instantly 
be forced to retire, assuming an average of 10 ship points per bounty and optimal silk price.

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