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  Hints and Tips for: Transport Fever 2 
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 Transport Fever 2 Cheats

Transport Fever 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To activate the Debug Mode, change the according value in the settings.lua

debugMode = true,

or toggle the option in the game´s advanced options.

The debug mode enables the following hotkeys:
AltGr + a – Reload sound sets
AltGr + g – Toggle GUI visibility
AltGr + l – Toggle Lane visibility
AltGr + m – Add 500k money to the account

How to Make Money:
* Money is earned by transporting passengers and cargo.
* The faster people and cargo travel, the higher the revenue.
* The farther people and cargo travel, the higher the revenue.
* For purposes of revenue calculation, distances are measured “as the crow 
  flies” between the pick-up point and the drop-off point.
* Empty vehicles aren’t earning any revenue so minimize the portion of the 
  time vehicles run empty.
* One method of doing this is to have vehicles that deliver raw materials 
  carry finished goods on their return journey (or at least a portion of it)
* When constructing complex networks, an upfront investment is generally 
  needed. This might result in a loss for the first couple of months, but 
  may pay off later.
* If you run out of money, you can borrow more in the finance window. Be 
  aware that you have to pay interest, so it’s a good idea to pay back as 
  soon as possible. In Hard Mode interest rates are higher.

How to Enable Megalomaniac Mode:
Written by theorytard

A quick guide on how to enable larger map sizes

-=How to enable=-
In order to enable experimental map sizes you HAVE to go into your game files 
and editing your settings in your local steam folder.

* Open File explorer->This PC->Local Disc 
  (C:)->Program Files (x86)->Steam->userdata->(Your Steam ID)->1066780->Local
* Open the settings text with notepad
* Hit CTRL+F and type in experimental
* Replace False to True
* File>Save

You should be able to launch the game and start a free game and see the 
megalomaniac setting as well as the 1:5 setting.

How to Change Settings for Mods:
Written by VacuumTube

I am going to create a guide on how to change the Mod Settings, as there are often 
questions about it and many mods are using them.

-=Basic Idea=-
Everyone plays Transport Fever according to their own wishes and wants to customize 
the mods. Therefore, there were (and still are) some mods with several versions, 
although only one value is changed.

Unfortunately, there is still no official procedure to implement options for mods.

-=ModUtil from Merk=-
Thankfully, Merk from this site. Community created a concept for Mod Settings and 
a script with which mods can access them: Mod Settings.

Different types (true/false, numbers, strings and tables) can be defined, which 
are saved in the respective mod folder in the file settings.lua.

-=Change the Settings=-
Using the CommonAPI

The method I recommend and at the moment the most user-friendly one is to use the 
GUI of the CommonAPI2.

To do this, follow this exact procedure, otherwise settings may not be displayed.

Go to load game and select a savegame that has activated the mod, for which you 
want to change the setting or start a new game and go to the mod list and activate 
desired mods.

Click on Mods at the top left where CommonAPI is located. Then click Mod Settings.

A list with all activated mods is now displayed. All who support the settings have 
a button in this column.

If you click on it, another window opens for the respective mod with all available 
settings and corresponding descriptions.

Change the values as desired.
Don't forget to save.

The new values are then written to the file settings.lua, which means that they apply
globally to this mod. Settings only for savegames don't exist yet.

You can change the values during the game, too. But most mods will only react to it 
after reloading.

-=Manually in the file=-
I only recommend this variant to experienced users who have experience in handling 
with the game files and modifying them. If you don't know where the mod folder is 
located, you should rather use the method above.

Open settings.lua, which is in the respective directory of the mod. It contains e.g. 
following LUA code. Here you can change the numbers or truth values manually.

return {
 capacityFactor = 2,
 townDevelopInterval = 60,
 logging = true,

* No protection against invalid value range.
* No description/explanation.
* If you accidentally enter the values incorrectly, you can generate syntax errors, 
  which can lead to a crash or ineffective settings.

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