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  Hints and Tips for: Transport Fever 2 
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 Transport Fever 2 Cheats

Transport Fever 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To activate the Debug Mode, change the according value in the settings.lua

debugMode = true,

or toggle the option in the game´s advanced options.

The debug mode enables the following hotkeys:
AltGr + a – Reload sound sets
AltGr + g – Toggle GUI visibility
AltGr + l – Toggle Lane visibility
AltGr + m – Add 500k money to the account

How to Make Money:
* Money is earned by transporting passengers and cargo.
* The faster people and cargo travel, the higher the revenue.
* The farther people and cargo travel, the higher the revenue.
* For purposes of revenue calculation, distances are measured “as the crow 
  flies” between the pick-up point and the drop-off point.
* Empty vehicles aren’t earning any revenue so minimize the portion of the 
  time vehicles run empty.
* One method of doing this is to have vehicles that deliver raw materials 
  carry finished goods on their return journey (or at least a portion of it)
* When constructing complex networks, an upfront investment is generally 
  needed. This might result in a loss for the first couple of months, but 
  may pay off later.
* If you run out of money, you can borrow more in the finance window. Be 
  aware that you have to pay interest, so it’s a good idea to pay back as 
  soon as possible. In Hard Mode interest rates are higher.

How to Enable Megalomaniac Mode:
Written by theorytard

A quick guide on how to enable larger map sizes

-=How to enable=-
In order to enable experimental map sizes you HAVE to go into your game files 
and editing your settings in your local steam folder.

* Open File explorer->This PC->Local Disc 
  (C:)->Program Files (x86)->Steam->userdata->(Your Steam ID)->1066780->Local
* Open the settings text with notepad
* Hit CTRL+F and type in experimental
* Replace False to True
* File>Save

You should be able to launch the game and start a free game and see the 
megalomaniac setting as well as the 1:5 setting.

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