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  Hints and Tips for: Travian 
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 Travian Cheats


Submitted by: RM

Log in to your account first. Build or level up anything. After that, open your
control panel and click time and date settings. Change time w the exact hrs done
in travian. (remember hrs. there is only in minutes buta change the hours in your

Secret Cranny:
Here's how to get your secret cranny going. 

* Go to your market place. 
* Click on "Offer" 
* Then type in what you want to offer (this will count as offering)
* Look at your resource bar and what you have offered. 
* Say you had 2000 lumber and you offered 1000 you will now have 1000 left and
  it will be unaccessible by enemy raids.

NOTE: Whenever you offer something it WILL be on offer so when you do make sure
its a good deal on you!

Evolve Quickly after 200 pop:
When You have 200 pop you should evolve all field to level 6 (except for food,
those should be more evolved), then start building a wall to level between 6 
and 10 (more, better) then, a hiding place to level 10 (if you have one in 
level 10, don't do another) and train between 150 to 250 soldiers (the first 
ones in the barracks) and evolve their defense to level 5. Then you can start
evolving more your productivity and then, more soldiers.

Defence the Travian Village:
Build your cranny as much as possible, upgrade barack & horse producer and upgrade
them as high as possible. Don't forget to build your fence untill level 20, then 
high resource then find alliances.

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