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  Hints and Tips for: TRGEscape 
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 TRGEscape Cheats


Submitted by: RM

-Facing north, zoom in on the poster on the wall and click the 
 bottom right hand pin to remove it. 
-Then click the free corner of the poster to reveal an on/off button. 
 Click it to turn it on. 
-Click the curled up poster again to reveal an inset containing a screwdriver.
-Get back to the centre of the room and then turn to face east. 
-Zoom in on a hot spot just under the ‘E’ sign. 
-Click the two piece to tape to free the rectangle. 
-Using the pin, press it repeatedly into the small hole to release the DVD 
 tray. Push the tray back in and then release it again. You’ll need to do 
 this about 5-6 times. 
-Zoom out and then zoom in on the bin. It should now contain a key which has 
 fallen from the DVD tray. 
-Face the south wall and then zoom in on the right hand corner. 
-Use the screwdriver to lift the carpet to reveal a key card. 
-Use the key card on the swipe lock on the door to open it. 
-You can pick up the card on the floor although this is all in Japanese. 
-Enter the green room. Zoom in on the poster on the wall and remove the hook 
 from it. Click the rod that is lying down the floor on the left hand side. 
-Leave the green room and then combine the rod and hook to make, well, a hook 
 on a rod. 
-Facing south again, click the top right hand corner to look up to the ceiling 
 and find a hook. Use the hook on the rod to pull the column down. 
-Face west and you should see a clue connected with the screwdriver. 
-Face north again and focus in on the inset, you should be able to look right 
 inside and see a locked compartment. Use the key to open this and find a pair 
 of pliers. 
-Highlight the screwdriver and then use the pliers to reverse the blade to turn 
 it into a crosshead screwdriver. 
-Find the hot spot towards the centre of the room whilst facing north. 
-Use the screwdriver to remove the four screws to open the trapdoor and remove 
 the DVD from inside. 
-Pick up the trapdoor cover, focus in on it and click the bottom right hand 
 corner to flip it over. Take the metal connector and make a note of the passcode. 
-Use the metal connector (with the pieces of tape) to reconnect the wires. 
-Face back east and zoom in on the DVD player. Insert the disc and then face west 
 to read the new message. 
-The message is like a news tickertape, but you need to note the word ‘news’ and 
 the four figures that follow this. Basically the letters N, S, E and W correspond 
 to these numbers. You then need to equate this to the passcode on the reverse of 
 the trapdoor cover. The passcode symbols correspond to the compass directions 
 depending on which way the two ‘legs’ of the symbol points. This is how you get 
 the final code. 
-Face south again and click just to the right of the metal column. You will then 
 focus in on the key maker. 
-Click the ‘on’ button. Power was restored by connecting the wires in the trapdoor. 
-Enter the code and press enter. If you’ve got the code correct you will be 
 presented with a key. 
-You now have the choice of endings. 
-The simple exit is to use the key on the door in the metal column and escape up 
 the ladder. 
-The more complicated exit is to close the door to the green room. Use the key on 
 the lock to open it again and get a new DVD. 
-Put the DVD in the player and by magic another door appears from which you can 

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